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Friday, October 7, 2016

A few sites/sights at Finger Lakes area

Moravia,  NY

A great thing about volunteering with NOMADS is that we go to places we might not have visited except a project is in the area.   Another great thing is we work just 4 days a week so have 3 days to get a feel of the area.

Some highlights

Montezuma NWR

 This NWR is 9,000 acres of protected wetlands and uplands.  It is located at the north end of Cayuga Lake near the town of Auburn.

What fun it is to spot a bird that I could add to my book and list of bird sightings that I keep in the truck just for such a occasion.  ......A greater Yellowleg

  These are some familiar fellows.
A Blue-winged Teal

An American Coot

And watching some Canada Geese settle in

Chimney Bluff State Park

This State Park sits on the shore of Lake Ontario.

It was an easy walk from the parking lot through a picnic area then a thickly wooded area to the bluffs

This part of New York state is famous for their apple orchards.  And there were plenty.

Cornell University in Ithaca

Seeking to add more to my bird list we visited 

No luck but we did see:

This Blue Heron

And turtles, lot of turtles

Watkins Glen State Park

If you want a real challenge.....this is the place.   Over centuries and centuries nature has carved this beautiful gorge though thick rock.

800 steps.  From the Main entrance all up. The elevation goes from 490 feet to 1010 feet.  Yea, 800 steps.  Up.  We did 250.  Coming down was easier.

Our drive back to Casowasco took us on RT 14 from Watkins Glen to Geneva NY.  There were no less than 3 dozen wineries just along this road than runs on the west side of Seneca Lake

So, we have toured around Owasco Lake, Seneca Lake and Cayuga Lake.   So much to see, so little time.

Loving Fall in upstate New York.

Until Next Time....


  1. Watkins Glen, is so gorgeous. Thanks for posting all the pictures upstate New York is a very beautiful place.

  2. Our friends lived up by Watkins Glen. They asked us to come up two years in a row. I wish we would have taken advantage of their invite. They sold their place last year. What an beautiful park.

  3. Love Watkins Glen and the waterfalls there.

  4. That is a great area not to far from where I grew up:)