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Friday, September 30, 2016

A simple summer cottage

Casowasco Camp and Retreat Center
Moravia, NY

In my previous post, I talked about the building here on campus that the Methodist Conference of NY acquired in the mid 1940's.

It's just a simple little cottage with (I counted) 8 or 9 bedrooms each with an attached bath.

Most bedrooms now have two twins beds, a few have three and one has four.    Quilters, religious groups, family reunions..... all sort of groups find their way here.

The library overlooking with the lake in the background.

Large living area

The grand staircase

I love this tiny tea-room

The dining room.    Certainly not the style of furniture that was used back then,

Gazebo on the back

Yes, a simple little summer home.


  1. Who would ever call that a simple little cottage? That place is beautiful. I love the staircase. They don't build them like that any more. Gorgeous.