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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Almost time for work again.

Ives Run Corps of Engineers Park
Tioga, PA

Last week was a joy at attend the annual meeting of

We arrived at the Branson KOA on Thursday, September 8.  We were the Chairs of the Hospitality Committee.  The job of the committee was to meet and greet incoming members at the campgrounds registration area.   Most members were due to arrive on Friday.  Another couple and Len and I took the morning shift, 4 other couples took the afternoon shifts.    Then on Saturday we again stationed ourselves at the entrance in the morning and others in the afternoon.

I am sorry to say I took few pictures of the time we were there.   On Wednesday afternoon we gave country line dancing lessons.  What fun.  I planned on takings pics.   Forgot.

On Wednesday night we went to a dinner show....A Tribute to George Strait.   The couple were really good and the meal was too.   If in Branson, we suggest this as an evening out.

Thursday night all had dinner in the conference center and then karaoke.  FINALLY.... I took a picture or two.

We pulled out of Branson on Friday at 8:45 am.

The entire day we drove through showers and sometimes heavy rain.  We were so concentrating on watching traffic amid the rain we didn't notice the fuel situation until after we passed this

By that time we were crossing over the bridge from MO where fuel was $2.09 to Illinois where we paid $2.59 a gallon.   We had 40 miles til empty.   I figure why pay $2.08 when we can pay $.50 a gallon more!

That day we put 413 miles behind us, stopping at a rest area in W. Terre Haute, Indiana to overnight.

On Saturday we drove 420 miles to Freedom, Ohio.  We noticed last year when headed to Michigan that overnight parking is absolutely not permitted on Ohio Interstates but is allowed on I80 a toll road.   So, we parked on I80 and paid the $20.00 fee to overnight with 50 amp electric.  It continued to rain most of the night.

Our original plan was to spend 3 nights on the road.  The first in a rest area of MO.  Sam and Donna Weibel of   www.samdonna-5thwheelvagabonds.blogspot.com  had planned to meet us.  We like this couple and get together when we can.  However, Donna has health issues and wasn't feeling up to going out that day.  Bummer.

So decided to go on up to Ives Run COE one day early and hope we could get into the site I had reserved.  Nope.  It was taken.  But they did have a site open right across of it.  Good enough.  We like this campground but know if we would ever want to stay on a summer weekend to book a year in advance.  As it is, it's mid week in mid September and there are few empty sites in this 163 site park.

Yesterday we drove 85 miles each way to our family cabin in Driftwood, PA where my sister, her son and family were.   After spending a few hours visiting and going to lunch in nearby Benezette we drove on back here.   And after 2 days of trying, Len finally got a signal for our DirecTv satellite.  WHEW! He's now happier.

On Friday we head out to the Moravia, NY area where we start a NOMADS project on Monday.  More of that later.


  1. Okay daughter. No surprises. I corrected it..... my sister's SON. Your cousin. My mistake. Yesterday was your turn.

    1. Kids. When our daughter was younger and would lip off at me I'd tell her,
      "You keep acting like that and I won't marry your daddy." LOL. We've been married over 50 years and she'll be 47 in October.

  2. You high tailed it up there. Love that park, I remember the other times you guys have stayed there.