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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Mooch-camping and some special people

Jonestown AOK Campground
Jonestown,  PA

Here we are back in Jonestown AOK for the month of November.   Hershey Thousand Trails closed for the season on October 30.   Our reservation here started November 1.   That left us two nights wondering where to go.  What to do.  What to do.

Along came an invitation from our friends Darlene and Jim.  We met this couple last year when we were in this area.  Readers might remember that Darlene is a reader of this blog and made contact with me when she read we were camped 3 miles from their home.    They often camp at Hershey TT. They were there the same time we were back in the Spring.  Then they were at Sea Pines TT in south Jersey when we were there.  And they also were back at Hershey TT until closing.   So, appreciating their invitation, we accepted.   Our spot for two nights

Darlene and Jim are in the process of getting their home ready for sale.  They have purchased a F450 dually and are looking to upgrade to a new fifthwheel.   They have one in mind.  We hope they get it before we leave the area..... so looking forward to seeing their new acquisition.  Darlene and Jim:

Thank you Darlene and Jim for allowing us to Mooch-camp.

Yesterday we drove 3 hours back to NJ for a follow-up with our dermatologist.  We both had biopsies done a few months ago and each had one pre-cancerous skin result.  So back to get them frozen.   And this is just plain crazy...... I had 5 spots the Dr. wanted checked.  However, Medicare will pay for no more than 3 at one time.  So, three were removed a couple of months ago and 2 yesterday.   Tell me, does that make sense?  Is it REALLY cheaper to force two Doctor appointments when it could have been done in one???

After seeing the Doctor we met up with our friend Tom for lunch.  This is the first time we've seen Tom since are dear friend Clare passed in August.   We know this is a difficult time for Tom but he is finding he is stronger than he thought.   We wish him well.

The diner is not far from the home of a childhood friend I have not seen in more than 50 years.  I also know her husband Sam, as we all went to school together.   Susan and Sam:

What a treat these people are.  And fascinating too.  They built their own house back in the early 80's.  It is built from the wood of 22 foot tall vinegar vats.  A food processing plant in a neighboring town closed.  They purchased the huge vats and dismantled them.  All visible wood inside the house is from the vats..... the floors, doors, trim, exposed beams.  Beautiful.  They designed the house, carved designs in the wood, everything!  Susan always was a talented artist as were her parents and sister.   And Sam has other skills too.  He took over the family business of restoring and tuning pianos.  Both so talented.  I loved hearing about their lives together for the last 50 years plus.   Fun, fun, fun to see a person I was always fond of when we were children.

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  1. You two do have some amazing friends.
    I don't think we will ever be able to figure insurance companies out!!!

  2. It must have been so nice to see these old friends. I have looked for a couple but have never had any luck.