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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This sure isn't NJ

Cullman,  AL

No... this is not New Jersey.  We found several differences when we bought the house.  

NJ is a regulation state, Alabama not so much.  To buy or sell a house in NJ every agency has to get a cut.   In NJ there must be a survey, septic tank inspection, etc.  In Alabama if there was a survey done, a new one is not necessary.  If the septic tank is recent or not a problem, no need to re-inspect it.  And just yesterday I realized there is no fire extinguisher in the house.  (We will be getting one).  In NJ, there must be an extinguisher.  This I have to agree with.

Those who have been keeping up with this blog will recall there was a double wide trailer on the property.  It was sold and removed but the garage that was connected was left.  Len will enclose it and make a shop.   Also left was a porch that was attached to the double wide.   The realtor knew a woman who wanted the porch.  Okay with us, just get it moved.

She hired a crew to move the porch.   They estimated it would take 1/2 hour.   They worked on it over 5 hours.

See the debris?  They said they would clean it up.  See the ruts they made in the driveway?  They said they would fix that.

See the broken water pipe that was connected to the city water?  They ran over the water meter and broke not only the pipe but the box that surrounds the meter.  They said they would come back and fix it.

Bottom line.  Len and I picked up the debris, the ruts are still there and we were without water overnight.  Len and the Realtor's husband fixed it the next day.  It's now been 10 days and have not heard from the crew.  Don't expect to.

About the debris.   Can't do this in NJ..... unless willing to pay a fine for open burning.

This is in the area for two RV sites.  Electric lines laid:

Sewer lines connected.   Water lines yet to connect.  Today we cleared away shrubbery from the area to allow access to the sites.



Five years ago when we were in AZ, Len took a class for Concealed Carry Permit from the state of Utah.  The permit was good for 5 years.  When he tried to renew it last May he was informed the law had changed.   To get a CCP you have to get one from your state of residence.  Yesterday a Sheriffs Deputy came to the house to inspecte our Fifth wheel so we can tag it.  They only check to be sure the VIN on the registration paper is the same as the one on the rig.

Len asked him about getting a CCP.  He said just go to the Sheriffs office in town.  So we did today.  It took all of 10 minutes.  Len filled out an application, they checked his record, took his picture and handed him the CCP which is recognized in 33 states.  Can't do that in NJ either!


  1. With only a few hiccups, you're coming right along! It will be nice to be able to relax.

  2. So sorry people make such a mess and then just walk away with no conscience!! Glad you got things straightened out though!!
    You guys are coming right along and making great progress!!

  3. Coming along to bad those guys left such a mess but I am not surprised. No one cares anymore about work ethics.

  4. I think you will be pleased with Al. Yes it is different than NJ but I believe you will find the good points out-weigh the bad.