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WHEE...... Home in Alabama!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

We've got it together....sort of.

Cullman, AL

When we started fulltime RVing in February, 2010 we packed some of our belongings in a utility trailer. For the last couple of years it has been parked in Louisiana.   Two years ago we bought another, smaller utility trailer and it has been in Maryland.

The week before last we drove 550 miles to Louisiana on Wednesday to get the trailer and we returned to Alabama on Thursday.  A quick trip.

Three days later, on Sunday, we left Cullman and drove about 470 miles to Wytheville, VA where two of my nephews and their families live to spend the night.   An added bonus was that my sister and brother from NJ were there visiting for the week.   Nephew Jason treated us all to his homemade PA Dutch style Chicken Pot Pie.  The next day we drove on Maryland, about 378 miles.   We stayed at my daughter Amy's for the night, got the trailer and drove to PA to my daughter Terri's where we had more stuff.

Starting Friday morning we did the trip in reverse.....from Terri's to Amy's for the night.  Then on Saturday back to Wytheville, Va.  And back to Alabama on Sunday.

This week we have been busy emptying the trailers.   I had forgotten so much of what we had.  Even at that, we had to buy one bed, two sets of mattresses, and still-to-get living furniture.   Today we bought a desk for my office.

Before doing some of our shopping we should have more closely checked out what we had in those lots and lots of boxes.  Bought dinner ware....found a set today.   Bought some towels....found a lot yesterday.  Bought a quilt for a bedspread.....found one yesterday.  I thought we had sold, donated or given away most everything.   Not even close.  I am not complaining, so glad to see things I had forgotten about.  And need.

Guest bedroom is done.  Dining room about done except for changing out the chandelier for one I had kept.  Both bathrooms done.  Kitchen is done.  Basement rec room will have to wait....it's a 26 x 26 storage room right now.  Living room is a work in process.  What we are using for furniture is a rattan set that was Terri's that she had stored away.   Our bedroom is partly done, the bed is set up.  The dresser and arm?? (however the heck it's spelled....it's that tall thing to store clothes)  are too heavy for Len and me to carry.  Len's son Lennie who lives nearby was here the Saturday between our trips but it was 20 degrees outside.  Much too cold to be moving things in.  Last Sunday they had other commitments.  And this Sunday we are expecting T Storms.  Just might have to wait another week.  He works out of town during the week. Len and I carried all the other furniture in.   I am building muscles.  Just not enough for those two last pieces.

We have not been able to do much outside.   We've only had a few days of clear warmer weather.  Lots of rain and it's expected to continue through the weekend.    Men came on Sunday right after we arrived home to move that porch that was connected to the double wide on the property.  They left behind the steps and handicap ramp to the porch. Their equipment tore up some of the front yard and driveway.  AND they drove over the city water connection and broke a pipe.  Said they would fix it.  That's the last we saw of them.  We had no water that night after driving 450 miles and unloading some stuff.  We probably stank!  So Monday Len and our Realtors husband fixed the problem.  When we got back today from town, the steps and ramp are gone.  Glad we didn't wait for them to fix our water situation.  We would have to be fumigated by now.

Oh, I managed to do another stupid thing.  Well, maybe two.  On the trip to Louisiana, we were switching the driving duty.  I walked around the truck and stepped off a rounded curb.  Twisted my ankle and fell.  It was hard to walk for a couple of days.  It is still some what bruised.  But it is fine now.  What isn't fine is my camera.   The morning we left Louisiana at 4:30 am, we were down the road a short way and Len wanted a bottle of water.  We had a small cooler on the back floor of the truck where I could open the lid and get out the water in the dark.   Hours later Len opened the cooler to get a coke.  There in the cold water that had been ice the day before was my very good camera.   How it got in there, is anybody's guess.  Life goes on, my camera doesn't.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your camera!! Things happen though!!
    You guys have certainly been busy. Glad you were able to save and collect your things. Everything helps and isn't it fun to see things you haven't seen for awhile.
    My mom grew up in Whytheville. She had a sister that lived there most of her adult life. Small world!!

  2. So I hope insurance covers camera. You need a break! Vacation time ;)

  3. Progress! Good thing you saved so many things will sure save some money.
    Sorry to hear you had a fall and lucky you didn't break anything. Bad luck with the camera.
    I knew your 5er was big but to see the header picture gave it a much bigger look for sure.