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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Something we really appreciated

Cullman,  AL

Friday afternoon we were out working in the yard.  A car pulled into the driveway and a couple got out to introduce themselves.   They live a short bit up the road and across the street. They also own the property next to us on the south side.

We asked them about the property lines.  Hilton showed us where the lines are but said the previous owner used some of their property as the backyard for the double wide trailer that was there.  He said if we want to continue to keep this area cleared and use it that it is fine with them.  As a matter of fact, we have one of our box trailers parked on it.

We asked him about the area we know used to be a pond.  He said  it was a real nice pond but the previous owner wanted it filled in, which he did for her.  But then she let it get overgrown.  Len told him we would like to eventually have it returned to a pond.

After a nice visit, Hilton and Sandy invited us to visit any time.  We promised we would.

Early last week we purchased a Troy Built Zero Turn lawn mower.  Len says it's my Valentines Gift. Well it is better than what he gave me two years ago.....a step ladder.  We will be storing it in one of the out buildings, but first a ramp had to be built.  Yesterday morning, Len started work on the ramp.

I was in the house.  I heard a sound outside that sounded like machinery. Len called me to come out.   There was Hilton bush-hogging the pond area.

In quick order he got most of the growth down.

Before (taken when we first got here)

How it looks now:

To be returned as a pond, fill must be removed and a levee built on the far side.  Hilton said he would do it but no longer has a bulldozer.  We will hire someone to do this.   There is a natural spring in the middle.  Hilton had dug a trench for the water to drain into the small stream that runs along the north side of our property.

When he got done with this area, he got started on the thick growth at the back of the property.  He had his son, Chet, bring their Bobcat to do that job.

The area now:

Our property still goes back as far as those taller trees.  Maybe someday.

Then Hilton went around the yard where we had piles of trees we had cut and others had fallen.  Also the previous owner had left two large piles of tree limbs and other debris.  That has all been moved into a really large pile to be burned.  Even found where they had thrown a mattress and box spring into the wooded area.

We have great neighbors!

Also, gotta love that new mower, now that I have a lot more yard to mow.


  1. What wonderful neighbors. I think that is so sweet of them to come over and introduce themselves and welcome y'all to the neighborhood.Then to come right over and get to work is amazing! I see a "Welcome dinner" in the future.
    HAHAHAHA....Len has such a gift for picking out just the right gifts.

  2. Now that is really nice of them and I bet they are really happy knowing you and Len will be keeping up the property. How sad that the previous owners left you all their garbage.

  3. Good thing people are willing to help you out or you wouldn't have any time to enjoy your new Home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. What nice neighbors! Sounds like Hilton is like Len, likes to keep busy :)

  5. What wonderful neighbors!! You guys have really hit the jackpot....great home, beautiful land and wonderful neighbors!!