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Friday, February 17, 2017

Ali, Ron, Wendy and our good neighbor

Cullman, AL

A few years ago we spent some time in Benson, AZ.  While there we found that fellow RV bloggers Ali and Ron Workentin would be passing through the area.   As we RVers and bloggers often do, we meet up with other RVers/Bloggers for a meal.  In this instance we met at a local restaurant for breakfast.  I still follow along via Ali's blog with their travels and adventures.  And on Facebook too.

I was glad when I read they were visiting with friends here in Cullman.  Also, Ali wanted to meet another RVer she had been talking to on Facebook.   Wendy lives not far from Cullman down in Birmingham.    I invited the three of them for lunch on Monday.  Here is Ali, Ron and Wendy.

We had a delightful time.  The hours passed all too fast.  Hope to meet up again somewhere down the road.

This morning we again heard machinery outside.  There was Hilton back with his Bobcat.  The previous owner at one time had a lot of this property fenced in by various means.  There were 4x4's in some places and metal poles in others.  We wanted all of them removed.  Hilton asked if he could have the 4x4s.  Of course.

Today he and his Bobcat with Lens help, pulled out all the posts.

This is an area that was full of trees and a tall pile of branches and other trash when we got here.

Len had cut down most of the trees and we burned the branches and debris.  Today Hilton removed the last tree, the posts and the stumps and roots.

A few things left to remove and we have another cleared area.

It short order Hilton has accomplished what we thought would take us a year of back-breaking work.

We are looking forward to warmer and dryer days.  Would love to plant a garden but that won't happen this year.  We will be gone for the month of March on a NOMADS project and sometime in May will head to the northeast to camp again with my sister and then get the Granddaughters and head to South Dakota, Missouri and back here to Alabama before delivering them back to their parents.

Until next time.....


  1. It sure is nice to have great neighbors. Your place will be looking really nice in the near future.

    Enjoy your up coming travels.

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