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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Eastbank COE

Bainbridge, GA

Here we are "on the road" again.   But first....

We had some clean up time back home.

This is just one of many piles of debris, limbs, dead trees, etc which we are in the process of cleaning up.   A bit of diesel and a match and then this.

Which all comes down to this:

There are more piles waiting for us when we get back there in 4 weeks.

Here is Leonard on my Valentines day gift.

It's red.  It's mine.  Ideal for a Valentine.

Yesterday we hooked up the RV and drove 307 miles to Eastbank Corps of Engineers park on Lake Seminole.  This lake lies within the borders of both Georgia and Florida and has 37,500 acres of water and 376 miles of shoreline.    This is a typical COE park.....clean, well tended and beautiful scenery.  Close to perfect.....50 amp electric and water, if only it had sewer.  (So tonight it's the shower house.)  And the added benefit of the Golden Age Federal Pass of 50% off making it just $12.00 a night.  Gotta love it.

We are parked right on the edge of the lake on a level 100 ft site.

This is the couple who live next door:

We'd invite them over for dinner but we didn't bring Len's gumbo pot with us.

The dam across the lake.

The campground is in Georgia but the drive out of the park puts us in Florida.

We will be here til next Friday when we move about 110 miles north to Vienna, Ga to start a three week NOMADS (nomadsumc.org) project

Until next time.


  1. Beautiful header photo.
    I love your Valentine's gift, Phyllis...lol
    We love COE parks.

  2. That is one big 5 th wheel. Sure is a beauty.
    You gift is really nice and your property is coming along.

  3. I wish my better half would gift me that gift:)