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Sunday, April 23, 2017

A birthday and a visit

Cullman, AL

We had a busy weekend and a little bit of excitement.

Yesterday was our great-grandsons 6th birthday.

Like any 6 year old, Jordan's very favorite part was opening the presents.  Followed by the candles and cake.

Our son, Lennie and Daughter-in-Law, Lois did a bang up job to make this day special.   Nice work!

We left their house a little after 4 and upon getting home, I checked my phone and found several messages from friends who had been trying to reach us.  I never heard the phone ring nor heard the text message signal.

In the meantime, we got text message alerts that we were under a tornado warning and to take shelter immediately.  Here we go again.   I got a few things together and placed them next to the basement steps.   Such as the checkbook, computer and camera.  Seemed logical to me.

Then I tried to call Carol, our friend who had been trying to make contact with me.   I knew they were leaving North Carolina yesterday headed to Red Bay, Al.  They had just completed a NOMADS project in North Carolina and were going to the factory in Red Bay that manufactures their Tifflin RV for some repair work.  We had planned on meeting tomorrow for lunch.  However, they got further along in the trip and were at the Walmart in Cullman.    Then came the tornado warnings.  When I called they were in the Walmart and being led to the safest area.  She said she would call when they were released to leave.  Carol reports that the employees at the Walmart knew exactly what to do and were very professional in assuring all the shoppers were in safer areas.

Len and I were busy, he on the front porch, me on the back porch looking the signs of rotation (like we would know what to look for).   We also had the local TV station on.  At 6:15 the warning expired and shortly thereafter Carol called.

They got in their coach and headed our way.  We met that about 3 miles from the house and led them to one of our RV sites.

After they got set up and had their dinner they came to the house for a nice visit.  This morning we all attended church then went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  After which, we visited them in their beautiful RV.  Meet Jerry and Carol Wright with their companion, Teddy.

We love having RV sites for our friends when they visit.  We do trust this is not the only time we see them park here.   They left a short time ago for the 100 mile drive to Red Bay.  We wish them safe travels and happy roads.

Tomorrow it's back to working on the shop/garage.  It is coming along nicely.  Pictures in a future blog for sure.


  1. So glad you guys were safe! Scary to have any kind of tornado watch or warning.

  2. Love the header picture. I bet there are lots more flowers blooming around your yard now.
    Scary about the tornado's but at least you have a basement to go to.
    To go to the Walmart and have the employee's know what to do and where to take everyone is impressive.

  3. We have an RV site here in Ohio for our friends too. No sewer, but electric and water. There is a free dump in Canton. So all is well.
    Glad that tornado missed y'all.