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Sunday, April 30, 2017

More visitors and one job DONE

Cullman, AL

If you remember, when we bought this property back in December they had just removed a double wide trailer that sat out by the road.   What was left was a garage/shop with only three sides.  One open side had been attached to the trailer, the other was the entrance to the two car garage.  There was (is) an enclosed storage area.   The shop as it was:

In the last month we have worked to enclose the entire shop.  Len missed having a workshop.

Working on a scaffold is not my favorite activity.   I don't mind working on the ground.  I don't mind working on the scaffold.  It's those trips up and down.  But I held my breath and did it.  Oh, that's not me up there.

Once the side wall was complete, it was time for the doors.

DONE!   Friday morning all was DONE.  It is even alarmed to lessen that chance that we are burglarized again.

That is not to say it is completely secure to everything.  A bird had built a nest behind the electrical breaker box.  We hear peeps and when we get too close either mama or papa flies out.  Now they exit and enter under the space between the doors and the ground.  From the sounds we hear, it can't be long before the young ones will be following their mama outside.

Feeling real good on Friday, having completed this job....we were awarded further.  Mid afternoon I got a call from a friend, Glenn.  He and his wife Jamie moved from New Jersey to Texas several years ago.  But they still spend a lot of time in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.   Glenn said they were on I-59 just leaving Georgia and into Alabama.   They wanted to stop by for a visit.   YIPPEE!  I gave him our address and he put it in their GPS (isn't technology great).

A few hours later....... they found us.    We caught up for a while...then Len put some burgers on the grill.

A short while later they said they had to get on their way.  We would not hear of them going any further that night.  That is why we have a guestroom and we so much enjoy their company.

After a good nights sleep, we visited some more in the morning.   Here is Janie, Glenn and Tiny:

Yes, what a treat!   They assure us they will be back during another of their trips north or south.  We are counting on it.  A couple of years ago we visited Glenn and Janie in Texas when we were staying at the Escapees Park in Hondo.

One of the many benefits of our traveling fulltime, was meeting new people and catching up with long time friends all over the country.   Now that we are partially settled we hope many old-time and new-time friends catch up with us here.  If the recent past is a barometer the prospects are good.

Until next time.....


  1. You and Len sure can build things in fast mode. It looks good. Now Len can build lots more things.
    How nice you had friends stop by.

  2. The workshop looks really good and will be a good place for Len...ya'll did a great job with it! So very glad you had some past rv friends drop by and stay with you. I know from our experiences it is so good to touch base with ones you met on the road. They are friends forever!
    Thanks for your comments.

  3. I know Len is glad to have that workshop completed...ya'll did that build quite fast. It is always nice when you meet up with rv friends again, that friendship seems to last forever and is so genuine.
    I wrote a comment a few days ago but don't see it so hope they are coming through.