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Saturday, May 13, 2017

As we get ready to hit the road once more.

Cullman, AL

So much to do when preparing the travel for two months.   Sure are looking forward to seeing northeast family and friends and then traveling with the granddaughters.  But first....

After the month of March trip and finding our shed was broken into, all buildings are now alarmed.  Both shed and garage have horse fencing over the windows.  Plus other security measures are intact.  This is truly a nice neighborhood but no doubt even nice neighborhoods have thieves.

As we were enclosing the shop/garage, a family moved in and then young ones were born.  Finally the young ones where kicked out to find their way into the world.   But for one day they explored the inside of the shop.

Last weekend our granddaughter Lindsey was confirmed into the Catholic Church.  We took a quick 4 day trip.  We left Friday morning and drove the 580 miles to Len's brother in Sulphur, LA were we spent the night.   Then got up Saturday morning for the 160 miles to Pearland, Tx where daughter D'Juana and family live.  Saturday evening we attended a concert of the Pearland HS orchestra at University of Houston conducted by son-in-law Joe.  Lindsey is one of the orchestra members.
Followed by dinner at The Spaghetti Warehouse.

The confirmation was late Sunday afternoon so the party was prior to the ceremony.

Len and grand kids...Lindsey, Alex and Jared

Here are Alex, D'Juana, me, Len, Lindsey, Joe and Jared

I especially like this photo to Len and his daughter, D'Juana

Following the ceremony we drove back to Louisiana for the night and then back home on Monday.

Yesterday Len mowed the yard and did some weed whacking.  This takes a bit of time.  It looks just fine.  However, in the afternoon it rained, during the night it rained, it's drizzling now.  So won't look fine for long.   He showed our Daughter-in-law Lois how to operate the John Deere.  We asked her to mow the front of the property a few times during the two months we are gone.

We told her not to mow the backyard as it is still full of holes, rocks, etc.  You can see we still haven't gotten to the end of the property as it goes back to those taller trees in the background.

We have a peach tree but unfortunately, the peaches are mostly dropping off.  Can someone tell us how to prevent this next year?  This is our fig tree.

Only a few branches have figs.  We hope to get them when we return before the birds.

We volunteered at Hinton Retreat Center in Hayesville, NC with a couple of other NOMADS back in 2010.  I remembered they lived in Alabama.  I checked and they were about 50 miles away.  Yesterday we drove to their house and got re-connected.   Nice visit!  When we return we plan to meet up again.  Meet Sandy and Roger:

The final concern before we leave is Sunday...... the cat that was left here by the previous owner.  I've yet been able to touch him.  But now when I feed him he no longer runs to the side of the house, but stays on the porch about 3 feet from me.

When we were gone in March, our closest neighbor Cindy came every few days and left food for him.  Last week we went to PetSmart and bought a timed feeder.  It is a Lazy Susan type contraption with 5 compartments.  We set it to move every morning at 7 am.  We put it out one night.  The next morning EVERY COMPARTMENT WAS EMPTY.   We know it wasn't Sunday.  He would never eat that much overnight.   Each compartment had about twice the amount he eats at one time.  We suspect raccoons figured how to turn the compartments and had an overnight feast.  So much for that plan.  Cindy has agreed once more to stop every few days and fill Sunday's dish.  In the meantime, he will have to hunt.

RV mostly packed..... we are ready to head out Monday morning!   If you are family or friends in the northeast... might be seeing ya'll.  (Yea, youse guys that's southern talk).


  1. Glad you're getting on the road, but I know you'll have 'pangs' leaving your home, especially as everything is blooming and growing! For the first time in 5 years, we're in the 'West' and this will be out last trip out here. David is struggling too bad to breathe...so we are taking it very slow and enjoying every moment! Hope you have a great summer!

  2. Have an awesome trip! We are enjoying our fifth year fulltiming in our rv, and also looking forward to our first time out of it next winter. It does feel weird to leave a place behind though. Harry is going to put a camera system in so we can keep an eye on the place when we aren't there.

  3. Your place is looking great! Hope it stays safe while you're gone. We may take you up on staying there sometime as we travel east. Still doing research for a summer job.

  4. Sounds like a lot of movement, but seeing the confirmation of Lindsey was worth it i bet. Can't believe y'all were broken into, how sad people do those kind of things.
    One of the great things about the rv lifestyle is meeting up with rv'ers that you have met down the road. Glad you got to see Sandy and Roger again...those friendships are priceless.

  5. The property is really starting to look good.
    Raccoons are pretty smart at getting at food.
    Safe travels