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Saturday, May 27, 2017

A bit of PA/MD/NJ time

Upper Deerfield, NJ

Monday May 15.....We left Alabama headed northeast.  The first night of travel we spent at a rest area in VA.  Seems impossible that at one time we would leave NJ on a Thursday after work, stop at a motel in Cleveland, TN and then drive on to SW Louisiana the next day.  A total of 1 1/2 days on the road (pre-rving).   Now it takes at least 4 days for that trip and two days just from AL to NJ or PA.

Tuesday, May 16. I had made reservations for Hershey TT park near Lebanon, PA starting the 17th.  We had planned on over-nighting on the 16th at Hollywood Casino near Harrisburg, PA and going to the campground the morning of the 17th.  For those not Thousand Trails members........when making reservations at one of their parks, you are guaranteed there will be a site for you......but not a site location.  When you arrive, you drive around to find one.  We find the best times of enter one of their parks is either early on a Sunday or Tuesday or Wednesday.

We got to the casino earlier than expected.  I called the campground and getting no answer, we drove the 14 miles to it and took a chance there would be a site available.  There was....in the location we prefer.

Wednesday, May 17. This park is 7 miles from my daughter Terri so on this day we visited a bit and to check out  their patio area they just completed extending.  Looks good!

Thursday May 18.   My other daughter and family live about 52 miles from the campground.  Amy is an archaeologist and has been on a project that takes her away from early Monday to late Friday each week.   I called her husband, Scott, and asked if we could come for a visit.  He said the girls did not know we were in the area and it would be a surprise.  We got there a little before they got off the school bus.   And what a surprise it was to them.  So excited.  Scott invited us the stay for supper.  A nice visit.  I didn't take any pics but we will have the girls for most of the summer, so expect many!

Saturday, May 19 and Sunday, May 20   Grandson, Justin and his girlfriend Karlie, came to Terri's for the day, night and next day.   This is Justin with Terri and Steve and, of course, Leonard.  Karlie had gone to visit her mother Sunday afternoon.

Tuesday, May 23.   We had planned on leaving the campground on Wednesday the 24th but Scott had an overnight assignment (also an archaeologist) in Richmond, VA.  So on Tuesday we gladly packed up, took the rig to our friends where we Mooch Camp in NJ, and drove back to MD in time to get the girls off the school bus.   We spent a delightful evening with them and saw them off on the bus in the morning then we headed back to NJ.

Since here, it's been lunch with my cousin and brother, doing much needed clothes shopping ( no sales tax on clothes in NJ unlike AL with a 9% tax), a final doctor appointment with our long term doctor here.  We gave her some sincere hugs and got them back.  We have appointments back in Alabama in late July with a new doctor.

Next Wednesday we head to another TT campground near Cape May, NJ for our annual camping alongside my sister for two weeks.

That header picture......... Cane...... our favorite grand dog.

Memorial Day weekend.   Thanks to all who served.


  1. Glad you are having such grand times with the girls!

  2. Sounds like a great family time together!! Glad you're having fun!!

  3. Sure have been on the move. But to see your granddaughters and other family it is all worth it. Love the patio