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Friday, September 22, 2017

They're gone.... well almost

Cullman, AL

One thing we liked about this property was it had trees on it.  One thing we didn't like about this property was it had trees on it.   Nice trees such as magnolia and cypress, cedar.  Not so nice trees such as too many cedar, dead trees and one huge cottonwood.

Today many of the offending trees were removed.

A dead peach tree before and after.

Some dead trees.  Anyones guess what they were.  Before and after.

We had two tree services come to give an estimate.  One had no license or insurance.  Thank you but no thank you.   We are extremely pleased with the service we choose.  Both said this was the biggest cottonwood they ever saw.  Before and after.

We wanted the cottonwood removed because it was so close to the house.  It also interfered with the growth and production of the pecan tree next to it.  We love how its removal opened up the whole front yard.   Yea the lawn got torn up a bit but we know it won't take long for the grass to regrow.  In the meantime, a little less lawn to mow!

The peach tree was removed by chain saw.  The other dead trees were easily tumbled over by their Bob Cat.

And this is how the cottonwood was removed.

Note the pecan tree on the left.

We've contacted a service that grinds stumps.  He is now in Florida doing some cleanup.  He will come here when he returns.

On Wednesday and Thursday Leonard and I spent the morning burning old paneling we had removed from the basement along with lots limbs and brush we have cleaned out.   Good thing.... look what we have now.

Any body want some firewood?    If not, we'll let you know when to bring the marshmallows and hot dogs. 

In a few months we will have this crew back to remove about 20 old cedar trees we want gone.

On a side note.... this is fall crop planting time in Alabama.  We put in cabbage, onions and cauliflower.   This is before hoeing.

Loving the life.


  1. Nice looking improvements! Good to get rid of that big old cottonwood! Fall planting is great...I do miss gardening!

  2. That was a huge Cottonwood, I love them but they can be messy and a hazard in high winds. Your place is coming together. Hope you garden works out.

  3. How cool to have two planting seasons.
    I love trees, but sometimes you have to do what your have to do.

  4. That was a huge cottonwood!! Now your pecan tree will grow!!!
    Trees are nice but some....not so much!! Glad you all were able to get them out! Now on to the bonfire and s'mores!!!