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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I could do this job!

Cullman, AL

Okay... so we had lots of trees taken down last week.    Then we were left with lots of stumps all over the property.   Six of them were out along the road.   Those trees were taken down before we moved in.  There was a double wide trailer sitting behind them.   For the trailer to be removed, the trees were cut down, leaving stumps.  Hated mowing around them.

We had two dead trees fall and three more dead ones we had taken down.  All leaving stumps.  In addition there were more stumps the previous owner left in the yard and were a nuisance when mowing.

The tree removal folks gave us a number to call of a stump grinding service.  He came yesterday to check out what we needed and ended up doing it on the spot.

By my count he removed 13 medium size stumps and one huge one.

It took all of 45 minutes!

He works by remote control.    His stump grinder looks like a puppy following him around the yard.

Working on the biggest stump

It's gone!  Just dirt and wood chips to rake out.  Then plant grass.

Another hole minus the stump.

He loads and unloads the grinder on the trailer by remote control too.   Yea, I could do this job.  That's IF I wanted to work.

Time it took?    Less than one hour.     Cost?  $200.00.    We are pleased.

Until next time......


  1. WOW...that is pretty cool. Paul said the price is amazing.

  2. All that cleanup will really open up your property and now that the stumps are gone even easier for mowing. That is a really good price for the stump grinding.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It;s about time.

  3. It amazes me how easily these stumps are removed these days. I remember having to dig all around the stump and drill holes then pour poison in the holes and maybe a year later it was rotten enough to dig it out. Your flowers look so pretty is that your front yard?

  4. That was a good price for the stump grinding. I know having them gone will enhance the looks and use of your yard space.