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Saturday, October 21, 2017

His New Toy

Cullman,  AL

Oh yes.  Leonard is a happy man.  We have done a LOT of work on our 4 acres since moving in early January.   A lot of heavy work.  But there comes a time when we needed help.  Help in the form of  Big Equipment.  And something fun to operate.

We checked out a couple of used tractors.  Prices of were ok.  The tractors weren't.    So we stopped at a local Mahindra dealer.   We needed a tractor with a front end loader, pallet lift attachment and a heavy duty bush hog.  The salesman worked up a cost.  We would think about it a while.

Then we got the call regarding the passing of my brother and we took the sad journey to NJ.  While there we stopped at another Mahindra dealer.   They gave us the cost of just the tractor with front end loader.   It was $40.00 more than what we were quoted in Alabama that included the bush hog and the pallet lift.  Our minds were then made up.  We placed the order.  I wrote the check.

This was delivered on Tuesday.

After a few instructions Len was off and running.

Bush hogging the future pond area.

We have 15 large cedar trees we want removed, all planted close others.  Six of them block our view of the road.  Four are between the house and the pond area and block the view of two beautiful cypress trees and 5 are lined up in the side yard for no reason we can discern.  All these trees have metal fence posts which were put there when they were planted many years ago.   The trees have grown around the posts making cutting them down difficult.   There are several more cedars in the yard but are just fine where they are.

This is the one Len pushed and dropped with the tractor.

We've cut it up and moved the debris to one of two large burn piles we have in the pond area.

Yesterday he removed some small brush from the creek area that runs along one side of the property   Then he started at the back.  The growth is so think we've never been able to get to our back property line.  He bushed hogged a few paths thru but we still are not to the back.  But he did clear one large area and made ANOTHER burn pile.  The previous owners must not have known what to do with an old mattress and box spring that we found laying in an overgrown area.  We know what to do with it.  A match and diesel fuel.

How we wish my brother could have come for a visit.  He would have enjoyed that operating front end loader, etc.  and the peaceful surroundings.

Who knows these people?

Yep..... you RVing friends.  That is Linda and Howard Payne from www.rv-dreams.com   Linda and Howard were camping nearby for a few days.  I've been following their blog since around 2007 but we've never met in person.   This was an opportunity not to be missed.  We enjoyed some time at the house getting to know each other then went to Logans for a great meal.   Welcome back anytime you two!

WARNING WARNING WARNING...... Ugly feet picture to follow.  If queasy stop reading and do not scroll down any further.

Last chance. 

 When we were in the northeast last week for Norm's funeral we spent a night at daughter Amy's and family house in Maryland.   Eight year old Abby is a girlie girl.  She asked to give me a pedicure.  What do you think?  Might be pretty polish but some ugly feet.  I warned you.

Until next time.


  1. Very nice that Howard and Linda stopped by to meet you. I never realized that you had never met them. Len is making good use of that new toy!

  2. So very sorry to read about your brother. Prayers sent to you and the family for comfort and peace.

    Paul would love to drive that new toy. When we had our other house, we had several acres. He loved his front-end loader. Men will always be boys...LOL

    Your granddaughter did a great job.

  3. Nice having the tools to do the job.
    Sorry about your loss.
    We've met Howard and Linda a few times and plan on meeting up with them again in March in Quartzsite for a Boondocking Rally.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Nice toy and very useful at that. Someday that yard will be good and cleared. And then the pond.

    Abby did a wonderful job.

  5. Every mans dream machine!!! I know Len will find this new tractor a huge help!!
    Howard and Linda are special!!! Glad you finally got to meet them!!

  6. So sorry for your loss. That is some serious equipment!