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Saturday, January 6, 2018

I'll think of something else..... soon.

Cullman,  AL

Poor Leonard.  As soon as he gets one project done I will think of something else for him to do.

This week it was changing out the UGLY recessed lighting over the kitchen sink.

Not only were they outdated with those gold rims, but they were useless.  The ceiling is slanted down. When standing at the sink the lights shine behind me.

Do we ever love Lowes.   And they really love us back.

Out with the old

Notice the different shirt?     When we got home from Lowes I realized although I liked the lights I chose, they just did not go with the rest of the kitchen.    So back to Lowes.  Oh, and since it was about lunch time..... stopped for Bar B Q.   Can't really cook when other work is being done in the kitchen,  right?

Yea, thinking I'm gonna like these more.

I do.

As with most areas of the country, we are in a cold spell.  Down to 11 at night and only in the 20's during the day.   He can't work outside.   So it behooves me to find things for him to do inside.  Chair rails next?

 I will cut him a break for the next two weeks.  Tomorrow my daughter Terri, her husband Steve and our Grandson Justin will be flying in for a four day visit.  Then next Saturday my sister Debbie and probably her grandson Lance will be here for 4 days.  None of them have visited previously.  Looking forward to the visits and introducing them to our Alabama living.

Until next time.....


  1. Always something to do no matter whether your Home is on wheels or a Sticks & Bricks kind of place. Always nice to personalize it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Family visits!

    It's about time.

  2. Oh honey, bring him down, I need a new roof on the shed...:)

  3. Love those kind of lights! Had them in the Montana, none in Vilano.

  4. I like the new lights, I never liked recessed lighting.
    Enjoy the family visits.

  5. Recessed lighting in a house just doesn't look right, I like the ones you chose. Glad you are going to have some family come visiting, it's always nice when that happens.