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Monday, January 29, 2018


Cullman, AL

Sometimes when buying a house you get more than you bargained for.  Sometimes good, sometimes not. 

It's taken us a year to finally get to the completely overgrown back acre.  Just last week Leonard made it to the back property line.   Up until recently we could not even walk through the thick brush.

This shows how thick the growth was.  Our neighbor Hilton last February doing a bit of clearing.

After we bought our Mahindra tractor in October Len has been pulling out trees.  Our intent is to fence this area and get a couple of head of cattle.   

How it looks currently.

Our house was built in 2001.  We have been told that prior to the house sitting here there were trailer houses.   Once we started tearing out brush we found where they had their own personal dump.  Once Len got trees out of the way, we started removing items ..... sinks, bathtub, water heater, stove, washer, dryer, air conditioner, bed springs, etc.etc.

Now what to do with it.   We found in the local Shoppers Guide the number of a man who carries away metal.   We could take it and sell it ourselves, but have enough to do than load it up in our trailer (we only have an enclosed trailer) and haul it away.   

These two nice elderly men were glad to make a bit of extra money and we were glad they came to get some on Saturday. 

Len got out the tractor and assisted in the loading.

They took all they could carry and will be back for more.  The recycle center damaged the rails on their trailer on Saturday.  Leonard told them to bring it over and he will weld it back together.  They are so thankful.  We are glad to help.

 This is how the dump pile looks currently.

Still a lot of do.  It will be cleared.

Had we not wanted the brush cleared off the property we would have never known what lay beneath.  Once we found it, we knew we could not live with trash in our backyard.

Until next time.


  1. Wow...that's a lot of trash. So glad you found a couple guys to take some of it. Don't work too hard but understand the desire to get rid of the trash.

  2. What is a matter with people that use their own property like it is a dump. Don't they have any pride! So glad y'all are working together. Reminds me of how we used to do things. Help thy neighbor.

  3. I guess people don't want to pay to take it to the dump. :( Nice of Len to weld their trailer for them. A couple head of cattle, too cool!

  4. Wow, it is sad that people just dump the rubbish out on the land to rot and trash the area. Once Len has it all cleared, you back acre will look really good and peaceful.

  5. I was married to someone like that I hated that place I got him to clean up some but in no time more showed up. I had to go.

  6. That transaction sounds like a good deal for both sides:)