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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Gotta stop watching....gives us more work.

Cullman,   AL

While Leonard watches his Westerns I usually watch some HGTV.   That can be dangerous.  Gives me lots of ideas.   Those of us who watch Fixer Upper know all about Shiplap.   Well now Leonard does too.

Our initial attempt is a dining room wall where I wanted a chair rail.

But then the idea.... Aha!  Shiplap part way up the wall.   So I think.   Lowes.  They love us at that store.  And why not?  We feel it's rude when we are in town and passing by not to stop it for a visit.  And they were so good to give us a credit card which give us a 5% discount.   Such nice people.

I sorta kinda knew what I wanted.  So last week when we just happened to be in the area we dropped on in.  Didn't have what I imagined at the store but surely their online store must.  Yup... there it is.  Just punch a few keys on the computer and wait for UPS.   Easy as that.

Today was as good as any for this latest project.

And all it took was some finishing nails, adhesive, saw, hammer and getting Leonard to turn off his Westerns for a few hours.   Don't worry.... he's watching them now.  He's a happy man.  And I'm a happy wife.   He like projects.  I like changing things up a bit.  Works for us.

The remodeled wall.

We like it so much we plan to continue the Shiplap into the living area.  All I have to do is punch some keys and get out that 5% discount credit card.

Until next time.


  1. Looks good!! Now change the channel LOL!

  2. Very nice, you are blessed to have a live in 'handyman'.

  3. Always nice to give a Home your own personal touch. Good Job Len!
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I like it and it's something different too. Nice job with punching a few keys and Len's talent

  5. Wow!! Looks great!! I wonder how many people get hooked on projects from HGTV?? I know I love all their shows but especially Fixer Upper!!!!
    Lowes really loves you guys!!!

  6. Love Fixer Upper, and shiplap! Too bad we can't put it in the RV!

  7. Watch the olympics, that will take your mind somewhere else:)