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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Old versus New

Cullman,  AL

Is there ever so much we want to do.   And we are loving it.   After putting shiplap on a wall in the dining room last week, we decided to continue it on into the living room.   So..... Lowes is loving us even more.    Our work earlier in the week.


And now.

We continued it around the next wall until we ran out of supplies.   Time to order more.

In the meantime, gotta keep busy.

A few weeks ago Leonard rotor-tilled the garden.   It took him most of the day.  Then the rains came and weeds and grass grew, as we expected it would

This morning he went out to till it again.   After one hour of pushing the rototiller he was wiped out.  Only two passes were made in the length of the garden.   He can't be doing this.

The solution?   A tiller for the back of the tractor.  Let's go get it I said.  I was surprised (sure) that he agreed so quickly.    So after shopping around and making some calls it was back to the Mahindra dealer. 

Taking it off the truck:

Getting ready:

Doing the job:

He made two passes through the earth on the right with his push rototiller.  It took over an hour and left him exhausted.  The tilled earth on the left took 35 seconds and left him wanting to do more.

We will let the garden sit for a few days as surely there will be more weeks and grass growing.  Then he will till again and repeat.   Once we have the garden planted, the push rototiller will do just fine for between the rows.    But for now, life is easier. 

Can 't wait to plant.  We do have one tomato plant in a large pot on the back porch. Love this time of year.  And the anticipation of fresh tomatoes.

Now not only Lowes loves us but also the local Mahindra dealer.  It's so nice to be loved.

Until next time......


  1. The shiplap is beautiful.
    Y'all are turning into farmers. I love it. Can't wait to see what you plant.

  2. Love the shiplap nice job. And yes I am so glad you n Len bought that rototiller so Len isn't trying to push that and do some awful damage to himself. Also love the flowers in your yard. I planted some flowers for the first time in ages as they told me this is the perfect time so they get a good hold before the heat comes. OK so now I have to cover them every night because we are at the freezing mark... Where do I live?

  3. Nice job on the Ship Lap.
    With that size Rototiller you'll soon have a Hobby-Farm.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Your garden will be wonderful and the vegetables will taste yummy!! Good for you guys!!!
    I love the shiplap!! Looks really good! Good job!!! Are you all signing up for HGTV????