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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Another project started.

Cullman,  AL

We never get done one project when I think of another. 

There are flower beds and shrubbery around most of the house.   The previous owner had white stones as a bed.  At one time it looked really good.  The header picture is how in looked before we moved in.  But the stones are sinking and more and more weeds are taking root.   I HATE TO WEED.  But I love flower beds.

What to do.   

So off to Lowes for weed barrier material and mulch.   They were having a sale of mulch.   Instead of $3.66 a bag it was $2.00.    Our credit card discount brought it down to $1.90.  We bought 20 bags thinking it would be enough.    Nope.

We started on one side of the house where there are only shrubs.

It made quite a difference

I've since trimmed the barrier edges.

Then we worked on the bed in the front of the house.


Starting Wednesday we worked each morning from 8 am to about 10 am when the heat became unbearable.  Then we would do more in the evening.

Today we returned to Lowes for 7 more bags.  Sale over yesterday.  But I had a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more.  Not a problem.   Got some lumber and two potted mums.

Notice in the above picture the lattice around the bottom of the porch.  I wanted a more finished look.  The after picture.

Eventually we will strip  the porch decking and stain to match this trim. The mulch looks like two different colors but that is because the darker mulch was just spread and is still wet.  

We needed the lumber today because the other side of the porch also has a flower bed and lattice.  It might be some time before this project is completed.  Not only is there the other side of the porch but shrubbery goes all the way down the other side of the house and half way across the back.  Gonna take a lot of mulching.  And work.

Next major project?    Len bought a cement mixer.  Will be laying concrete floor in his shop and also in the carport.    Now, what can I think of next?

Until next time.


  1. The mulch looks so much nicer and of course cleaner. I like the trim around the lattice also looks finished and neat too.

  2. That mulch looks so much neater but the Weed Barrier is the important part and even then there will be the odd weed to pull. The Lattice Trim helps to accent it all.
    As the saying goes "One step at a time" so goes the projects.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. It is looking good:) Truth is I dislike working in the yard but do so only when "encouraged" by my bride:) Luckily for me, we travel a lot!

  4. I love the mulch look. Wish it would stay dark, it never does. Thought of you yesterday, news about egg recall from some sorta disease. Where did they come from? Cullman :) I remember all the chicken coops there.