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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Our black cloud is spreading.

Cullman,   AL

Our annual NOMADS meeting was held last week in Memphis.   We were scheduled to drive over on September 21.    We get hooked up and ready to pull out.    No directional lights, no brake lights or trailer brakes.    We unhook and go to Ford thinking the issue was with the truck.  $5.99 for a fuse, $190.00 for them to put it in.

We come back home.  Hook up trailer.  No directional lights, no brake lights or trailer brakes.  Back to Ford.   The fuse was blown.  This time no charge for a replacement.

By that time we knew we were not heading out that day.   Our temporary solution was magnetic lights on the back bumper.   Len had to crawl under the rig and run wiring from those lights to the truck.

The next day we were off and running with no issues.

We have a 3 week project starting on Monday in Gallant, AL.  I got to thinking.  We are on the route of the other 2 team couples as they travel from Memphis to Gallant.   We invited them to park in our RV sites for this week.   From left to right,  Cheri and Butch Frey, Dennis and Nancy Williams and of course Leonard.

We left Memphis on September 28 as did the Freys.  The Williams left on September 29.    As we were on the way home, the Freys called us.  On the way out of the park they heard a loud noise from their trailer.    A spring had broke.   They found a new one and replaced it and arrived here late in the afternoon.  However, their check engine light on the truck came on.  They took it to the Chevy dealer Monday morning.  There was a problem with the DEF system causing unexpected costs.

The Williams arrived on September 29 as planned.  But a few days ago they found a leak under their bathroom sink.  A trip to Loews for parts and it was fixed.

In the meantime we took our rig back to the dealer.  We got it back today.  The problem was some wires were caught between (I forget what Leonard told me and I'm not asking again) something and something causing them to short.

On Tuesday night we all were sitting in our living room.  I became very uncomfortable and asked if anyone was hot.  Cheri was.  I checked the A/C and it was set on 75 but it was 84 inside.   Leonard checked the registers.  Hot air was blowing out.  We turned off the A/C, waited a bit and turned it back on.  Still hot air.  We called our home warranty company.  They contacted a service rep who said he would be here yesterday.   He called and cancelled.   He said today no later than 10:30.  It's 2:30.  We called his number. Mail box full.

This is SOOOOO typical here.  Five no shows by Verizon people.  Two no shows by a Lowes installer.  A no show by a man scheduled to pick up metal.  One no show by a person to give us a quote on digging the pond.  Thinking there are more but they escape me just now.  I am learning this is a common occurrence in this area.  Get used to it.

We are sweating it out.    89 outside.  A/C man just called.  Said will be here in 12 minutes.  We will see.

While in Memphis we didn't do much touring.  Took a drive around.

Of course there had to be certain entertainment at the meeting.  That's one hour I'll never get back!

It's been a joy having the Freys and Williams' here the last few days.  Even through our black cloud extended to them.

Until next time.


  1. Oh man yet again. There's got to be something going right somewhere!

  2. At least you have your TT to sit in and use the A/C to stay cool. But the is really annoying when service people don't show up. They act like you have nothing better to do than sit around.

  3. Oh my goodness dear friends. I am so sorry to read all about these terrible things happening to you and your friends. Sending up a little pray tha t the good Lord gives you lots of patience to get through all this.
    It is so wonderful having good friends. Glad you had a really nice time.

  4. It seems that contractors everywhere specialize in being unreliable. In FL, it is like a badge of honor not to show up when they say they will:(

  5. Sounds like nobody wants to work anymore!! I am so sorry all these things are happening to you and your friends!! Hopefully your luck will change very soon!! Bless your hearts!!! Take care...this too shall pass!!