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Saturday, May 18, 2019

He's changed our lives

Cullman,  AL

When we retired and hit the road to fulltime RV for 7 years, we sold our house in NJ to our daughter and husband.   Along with the house and property came our wonderful Labrador retriever Sparky.   He did not like coming in the house or the truck.   He was not suitable for traveling.   Terri and Steve took good care of him during his final years.  He lived to be 15.

Both Leonard and I agreed we would not have a dog while traveling but when we settled we might get a dog but it would not live it the house.

Something changed our lives!

Late on Easter, after our guests had left, I saw a dog laying on our front porch right up next to the door.   I walked out and he moved and wanted to be petted.   He appeared underfed and was full of ticks.  And he wasn't about to leave.  Except for short times when he would run the woods.

I immediately fell in love with him.  I bought dog food and Frontline.   It killed off the ticks.

 Len would not pet him or interact with him.   I sent pics to various family members.   Granddaughter Abby said his name should be Biscuit.

We found he is very low key and quiet.  EXCEPT the first few times the neighbors peacocks visited.  Howl.    And if he caught a scent of a rabbit.   He got one tapped in a hollow tree and tried for an hour to get it out.

We tried to find whom he might belong to.   We went to the local animal shelter.   They said no one had contacted them about a lost beagle.   I asked about getting him adopted.  They didn't sound promising and would not commit to how long he would be there before being euthanized.  No!

I called neighbors.   No leads there.   I put his picture out on local Facebook pages for missing animals.  Nothing.   Two people said they would take him.   We visited one man who has 4 other beagles.  We asked if he would keep him just while we visited family in the northeast starting next week.   This appeared to be a solution. He could stay there when we were gone.

We wanted to see if he was leash trained.   We got him a cheap halter.  Wasn't on him the next morning.   Got him a good halter.  Put the leash on but no walking.   We had to take him for a drag.  Tried several days. 

But all of a sudden I heard Leonard speaking about him in a different manner.  We took him to the Vet on Monday and had him scanned.   No chip.   So, Len said he needs shots.  Okay then.  He got his shots.  Doctor said he is about 3.   He had loaded up easily into the truck and laid on the back seat.   Yea, I did say that Len had said he could NEVER be in his truck

After the Vet, Len said let's get him a hammock type cover for the back seat.  So off to Pet Depot.  We got a sturdy reflective collar on which to hang his vaccination tags and a truck seat cover that protects him from falling off the seat to the floor.    As Len was paying, Biscuit and I went outside to wait (and him to do his business).   I was wondering what was taking Len so long in the store.   He came out with an ID tag with Biscuits name on it and on the other side LENS NAME AND PHONE NUMBER.    This from a man who wanted nothing to do with this dog.   Biscuit won him over big time.

It was then Len said Biscuit would be traveling with us.   And living in the house.

We gave him a bath last weekend. 

The next morning he was outside.  When he came up on the porch to me he stunk.  Was wet.  Had green gunk on him.   He had gone out to the pond and rolled in duck poop.  Geeze.

On Wednesday we had another appointment at the Vet.  He lost his manhood.  He stayed overnight and we picked him up Thursday.    We also bought a tie out cable as he will have to be tied up in campgrounds when we have him outside with us.   By Friday he had not peed nor pooed.  We called the vet.  They said to give him a tablespoon of pumpkin.    It worked.  Never heard of this before.

He now walks on a leash beautifully.   He knows to do his business outside.  One funny thing.  We go outside and he runs to the truck.  Puts his front legs on the running board.   He loves taking rides.

I had noticed he had what looked like a sore on his side.  This morning there was another and hair falling out around them.  Back to the Vet.  They are old sores where he was scraped.  So old the skin was flaking and hair falling out.   We have meds now to heal them.  Also, he's been licking a certain area since Wednesday.   So the solution.

Isn't that look pathetic?

He is unbelievably good.  Well mannered.  Smart. Calm.   (Unless he catches the scent of a rabbit)

So, we will travel.  I will get my exercise walking several times a day.  We will dote on our new family member.   He's changed our lives.   And also emptied our bank account. 

Until next time.


  1. I'm so happy for everyone. Thank you. Give Biscuit a hug. ❤️

  2. Ahhh... the cone of shame. Poor Biscuit. Seriously, so happy for you all. BTW, Chuy is the same way about rides. Anytime he can get out to the car or truck he, just keeps going from door to door trying to get in...

  3. Yay Biscuit!! Winning hearts, far and wide!

  4. I knew he would win Len's heart :) George didn't want a dog either. It didn't take long. We give Cooper pumpkin as well when he has a tummy ache.

  5. What a beautiful story!!! Yay, for you guys and double yay for Biscuit!!! He’s found a forever home!!!!

  6. Glad that your family is now complete again.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your trip out as a family.

    It's about time.

  7. This is great and you can tell Biscuit is grateful. Have a great time traveling

  8. They are fun and a lot to deal with. We have had Haley, a blue tick beagle for 9 years after taking her from our daughter while she was deployed and she is still here.

    She lived with us on the road fro two years while we were full time, but then stayed with our other daughter while we traveled in our smaller motoerhome. Now she is having old age issues and our local daughter has two much on her plate to deal with Halley's issues, so she is going back on the road with us again. Our next trip will be around a month long, so hoping she can handle that. Amazing how they grow on you:))