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Saturday, May 11, 2019

And everything shook

Cullman,   AL

Late this afternoon I was sitting on the porch watching the dark clouds roll in.   With me was Biscuit, the sweet beagle who thinks he lives here.  I suppose he does.

As we sat there it started to rain.  Hard.  Then lightning.  Then thunder.   Biscuit shook.  I petted and would calm him down then another Boom.  More shaking and shuttering.

He sat close to me as things started getting a bit hairy.   I was sitting in the red chair that you see in the picture above.

As the storm got heavier, I  walked inside to talk to Leonard.  He was stripped down and ready to get into the Jacuzzi.  (no pictures).   I told him that was not a good idea during a thunder storm.   I walked back out to the porch and Biscuit was gone.   Whenever it rains hard he goes under the back porch where he keeps dry.

I sat in the living room as the loudest clap I've ever heard roared, the whole house shook and a flash of light ripped across in front of me.   A picture flew off the wall where the flash entered.  I ran to check on Leonard, he was okay and not in the tub.     I went to the back porch and heard Biscuit crying under the porch.   Then he darted out from under the porch and ran off into the woods.   He's not back yet.  He will settle down and return.  I hope soon.

I went into my office.   No power in there.  Leonard checked the breakers and two had been shut off.  We turned on the TV in the living room.  It comes on but only searches for the satellite.  No signal. We tried the TV in the office.  Same thing.    We will call DirecTV on Monday.

I think now..... I am so glad I told Leonard not to get in the tub.  And I wondered what would have happened to me if I had still been in that chair on the porch where the lightning flashed through the house. 

It is now 4 hours later.  Raining again.   Biscuit still not back.    Tried to upload pictures on this blog.  Took a long time for just the one.  Gave up getting more. 

Happy Mothers Day dear women friends and family.

Until next time.


  1. Wow, and thankful y'all are ok! These storms have been fierce.

  2. Wow, sounds like a powerful storm came your way. Glad you and Leonard are okay and things get to normal with electricity and tv as soon as possible. Hope you see Biscuit soon too.

  3. You are both lucky not to have been killed by that Lightning Bolt. Hopefully Biscuit will be back soon.
    Happy Mothers Day Phyllis.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Yikes that had to be really scary. Poor pup hope he will be OK. We just had a big storm come through here don't know if it's done yet.
    Happy Mothers Day Phyllis!