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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Two recent trips

Cullman,  AL

Trip One:  August 13 to 15

As I was sitting watching TV about 7:30 pm Leonard came into the living room, turned off the TV and locked the front door.   What's up?    Chest pains.

Off to ER.     As anyone knows when you go to the ER and complain of chest pains you are treated
 immediately  (or should be).    After lots of tests, blood drawn, etc. he was found not to be having a heart attack.   Thankfully. 

The ER doctor admitted him for further observation.   Of course, no sleep that night.  Or much the next night.   He was looked at by various doctors including our cardiologist.   During the day he took lots of naps.  While I sat there watching him sleep.  What did he do during waking hours?


The night I took him to the hospital I didn't get home until after 10:30.    We had left Biscuit in the house.  This is strange for him.  We are seldom out at night.   The next day I found this.

There was also a lamp upset from the end table by the door.  He has never messed in the house.  We always let him out for a few minutes before going to bed.   It appears he was trying the get outside.  Sweet boy.  Can't be mad at him.   And he didn't do his business in the house.

Bottom line.....  Len is still short of breath.   Cardiologist says looks like pulmonary hypertension.  This was caused by the blood clots he had in his lungs a few years ago.  They caused the right side of his heart to have to pump harder.   He will be referred to University of Alabama in Birmingham.  The specialist there can prescribe medications that our cardiologist can't.   After getting out of the hospital it was time for

Trip Two:   August 16 to 21.

We left Alabama the morning of August 16 and drove as far as Hattiesburg, MS (285 miles) to overnight.   I had gone online and reserved a room at a Microtel.   I checked Pet Friendly on the booking site I used.   As I checked in I remarked about having a dog.  NO DOGS ALLOWED.   The desk person was really great.  This was to be a no-refund room if we did not use it..   He assured me they would not charge my card.  (They haven't).  Then he called nearby LaQuinta.     It was a lovely room.  But the hitch......  The Microtel was $77.00 a night.  Having a pet ($20 additional fee) and making last minute reservation it cost $147.00.   Ouch.    .

The next day we drove the remaining 300 or so miles to Len's brother Royce and SIL Susies house in Sulphur, LA.    We so appreciate their always welcoming hospitality. 

That night 15 of us met at L'Auberge casino in Lake Charles for their buffet.   Nice time but expensive.   $42.00 a person.    And Len has no appetite.   Hardly ate anything.  I am thinking I made up for it.  But worth being together with the family.

This is Len and his brothers.   Oldest to youngest  Royce, Leonard, Jerry, Bobby and Myron.  Notice something in common.  Baseballs caps?   It's an East thing.

And the now the sisters included.   Sissy, Lydia, Laura and Alice

Finally... spouses included.  In no particular order.

 The next day was great.   Daughter D'Juana,  SIL Joe and granddaughters Alex and Lindsey drove over from Pearland (near Houston) for the day.   She brought a delicious lemon cake she had made.  Also treated all of us to Pizza, etc.   We had a lovely time all visiting at Royce and Susies home.  We appreciate that they came to us.  We had originally planned on driving the 150 miles each way for the visit.  D'Juana was considering her father and wanted him to rest that day.   I wish I took pictures.

On Monday we visited with our friend Diane for a while and the rest of the day was spent at the house.   Royce and Susie have a fenced in back yard as they usually have dogs.  (Will be getting a pup soon).   Saturday and Sunday Biscuit was fine in the backyard.  He would come in and out of an open door to their enclosed patio. 

 But on Monday he managed to find a hole he could squeeze through in the fence.   Off he went.   Royce was running through a wooded area in flip flops. Len and I were about ready to get in the truck to look for him.   Royce called to us that Biscuit was on his way back.    From then on it was a leash.

We left in Tuesday and drove to Laurel, MS.  about 307 miles.  We stayed at a Quality Inn.
 It might say Quality but was no where near as nice as the LaQuinta.   

Biscuit never complained

Biscuit woke me at 4 am.  He wanted out.  I got up, got dressed and we went for a walk.  When I came back Leonard was outside waiting for us.  Since we were up...... let's get home.   We arrived at 10 am. 

Now it takes us two days to travel about 580 miles.   At one time it took us a day and a half to go the 1,200 miles from NJ to LA.   Those days are long gone.

So two trips in one week.   Which do you think we enjoyed the most?

Until next time.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the Family get together but hope that Leonard's Hypertension continues to go away.
    We are finding shorter distances between destinations to be more peaceful.
    Glad Biscuit has learned his manners for your sake.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Well I'm sure it wasn't the hospital. Poor Len, hope they find the right meds to get this cleared up.

    Nice to spend time with family and it sure is a big one. Long travel days are a thing of the past for a few of us.

  3. That is a big family:) Hope the medical issues stay under control!