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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The past month and looking forward

Cullman,  AL

It's been it a bit since I have blogged.   It's not that nothing has happened ..... a lot has.

One thing that has become really evident .... I HATE SHOPPING.  But I knew that.   This includes grocery shopping.   I've tried a couple of the meal programs.   Ok for a while.    Gets rather expensive for what you get.

What I do now:

Meats.    Over the years I have occasionally ordered from Omaha Steaks.  Now this is mostly how I purchase all meats.   The more often I order, the more vouchers I receive for future order discounts.  Sometimes $15.00 sometimes $20.00.    I also joined their rewards program so I get points with every purchase to be used for various items.    I will not pay shipping so only order when shipping is free.  I like free stuff so will only order when they toss in a ham or a roast.   It's working well.

Groceries:    I LOVE the Walmart Pick Up System.    I go online, place an order, select a date and time and pull up to the  parking area where someone comes out and loads the truck.  No fees for this service.   And if they don't have what I order they will substitute a better item at no additional cost.

Veggies:    I joined Misfit Market.   Every other week I get a box of veggies and fruits at a cost of $22.00 plus shipping (dang.... have to pay shipping somewhere).   This produce is all organic.  It is produce that farmers can not sell to stores due to being misshapen or some other minor thing.  First weeks shipment.

Now to get the reader up to date.

We always enjoy company.   On October 11 our friends Kathy and Bill Waters pulled in with their motorhome for an overnight stay as they were on the way to a nearby NOMADS project.

We asked Kathy and Bill to invite the rest of the crew for lunch the following week.  Here are some of them.

Some of you know that Leonard has health issues.  We had to pull of off doing any more NOMADS projects as his breathing has become more labored.   Our family doctor and cardiologist diagnosed him with Pulmonary Hypertension.   This is caused by blood clots having gone to his lungs a few years ago and damaging one side of his heart.

Our cardiologist made arrangements for him to see specialists down at University of Alabama in Birmingham  (UAB).   We are assured this is a top-notch facility.   His first appointment was October 10 where they did some testing.  They scheduled him to return on November 11.

Our children are aware of the seriousness of this diagnosis and have been fabulous with helping.  Daughter Terri flew in from Harrisburg, PA on November 1 and left on the 5th.  While here she decided we needed more color in our living area.   One accent wall between living room and kitchen.

Oh yes,   she gave us more color.

On  Friday November 8 daughter D'Juana flew in from Houston.  Another big helper.   She left on November 12.

Our visit to UAB on November 11....    We had to be there by 6:30 am for Len to have blood work done.  Then there were appointments all day.   Breathing test, Right Heart Cauterization, CT scan, Electrocardiogram,  Doctors appointment.   We got out of there after 5:00 pm.  Long day.

In addition to D'Juana, son Lennie and daughter-in-law Lois were with us.  It is good that we all know what is going on.  They are all such a comfort.

This is the bottom line......  Len will be on oxygen 24/7 for the rest of his life.  The doctors are prescribing a medication that will improve his quality of life.  It is expected that it will allow him to be more active and able to walk more without having to stop and rest after only about 50 feet which he has to do now.    They are working with our Prescription insurance to determine what they will pay.  The cost of this medication is 20 THOUSAND a MONTH.   If they can not get this preferred med down to a reasonable cost there are options.   The primary option is VIAGRA!  Okay.... I can take the wisecracks.

Yesterday, with help from D'Juana going online and finding right answers we ordered an Inogen One.   It's portability will allow him not to be tethered to the house.    Here is Len with D'Juana

Although our NOMADS and camping days are most likely over, our traveling will not be.  We will be visiting family in Louisiana the second week of December.   And other family in the northeast for Christmas.

Until next time.


  1. I glad to hear that Len has options. Praying that the meds needed have some sort of alternative. Great that he has a portable oxygen machine so that he isn't housebound. As always, praying for you both!

  2. Well I'm happy to hear there are options. I can't believe the cost of meds these days it's horrible. The portable oxygen machine is a great invention compared to hauling around those canisters. Wishing for less problems now that they know what is going on.

    This golden years is pretty tarnished stuff if you ask me. Take care of yourself also Phyllis and keeping Len in my deepest thoughts

  3. I just finished a long day of shopping with my better half and local daughter. It clearly reminded me why I would rather go to the dentist than spend a shopping:))