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Sunday, November 24, 2019

As we continue on

Cullman,  AL

Way back in 2007 or so I started a blog as we prepared for retirement and planned for our full time RV lifestyle.    At that time the blog had a different name:     theeastsheadwest.blogspot.com 

I blogged on our preparations for RVing,  the trips we made and destinations.   Online I met many other RV bloggers.   Some have passed, some have quit blogging, many have now purchased homes and settled around the country, some still as fulltimers.    I cherish those continuing friendships.

We now find ourselves in a new season of our lives.   Fortunately we purchased our home 3 years ago come December 28.   We have made changes and improvements.  In this new season, we know we can no longer do those things that require strong bodies.  We can sit back and enjoy our remaining years.

Recent enjoyments:

Last week, with son Lennie and DIL Lois,  we went down to Birmingham to see the Christian comedienne Chondra Pierce.  What a hoot!

Chondra is the most awarded Comedienne ever.   We understand why.    This show lasted 3 hours!

We usually leave our Beagle Biscuit outside when not at home.  He meets us when we enter the driveway.    Once we left him inside when I took Len to the ER and got home late.  He had chewed a wooden blind.   As it was cold out last week when we went to the concert, we left him inside again.  When we opened the door he shot out like a bullet.    He has never done his business in the house, ever.    He must have tried to get out on his own.   Our door facing.

We will be buying a kennel for him this week.   Hate to do that but with cold weather he can not be outside when we are not home.  And not allowed to try to escape to the outdoors to do his business.

This week we had a visit from our friend Jill Steel who we met earlier in the year at our last NOMADS project in Georgia.   She was on her way back from out west headed toward NC and then NJ.   Always glad to have someone park in one of our RV sites.   During her 3 day stay she and I walked through Ava Maria Grotto here in Cullman.   This is a must-see for any of our visitors.   Another is Clarkson Covered Bridge.

We drove into town to see the recently constructed German pyramid set up for the Christmas season.
If anyone knows the German name for this, I sure would be interested to learn.

Another day we went to one of our favorites in nearby Decatur.  Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge.  It is time for the migration of Sand Hill Cranes.   They are there by the thousands.

The refuge has a informative visitors center.  Here is Jill again.

This is a special recognition to our son Lennie.   Leonard is no longer able to lift his arms to do some basic tasks.     Our back porch lights blew out last week.  It needed a new ballast and bulbs.   A day later the light bulbs went out on the front porch.   He changed to bulbs and installed the new ballast.  Wow!   Now we can find our way into the house.  Both front and back.

Our Muscovy's are getting well brazen when they want food.   I expect they will come in house soon and demand to be fed.

As I began todays blog, our life has changed.   I no longer blog on RV lifestyle.   I no longer blog on long trips and sights we see.   This has morphed from an RVing blog to our life blog.  We realize that Leonard is no longer able to assist in setting up and tearing down the RV.   We will be selling it.

He is now on oxygen full time.   In addition to a concentrator in the house, we have purchased an Inogen One concentrator so he is more mobile.   He has started the medication Adempas.   And that is a life long medication.  It can only be purchased through a specialty pharmacy.   We were told the cost is $20,000 a month.   The doctors at UAB applied to our prescription insurance.  It was approved but at a cost of $2,000 the first month and $500 therefore.   But Adempas referred us to a Foundation for people with this condition.   We applied and were approved.   The cost will be either 0 to $10 a month.   Praise our Lord!!!! 

A nurse came on Friday and spent 3 hours with us.   We are told his Pulmonary Aterial Hypertension (PAH) is very rare.   Only about 200,000 people suffer with it in this country.   He will not get cured,  the meds are to slow the progression.  It might take up to 18 months to see a difference. 

The nurse will be back in 2 weeks.  Every month they increase the dosage.  He takes 3 pills a day, 8 hours apart.   If he misses 2 days the whole process starts over.   Should he go to the hospital he must take his medication with him.  The local hospitals would not have any nor can they get them.

So.... we are living with a chronic condition.   I will be posting less on traveling but more on living with this diagnosis.

Wishing each of you a blessed Thanksgiving.   Or as our pastor taught today..... we each need to have Thanks Living.

Until next time.


  1. Phyllis, Dick and I are thinking of you and Len, and keeping y'all in our prayers. As we have said, life has changed the course of our lives, but we have memories of our visits and making friends for life.

  2. Life certainly has changes of seasons. We never went full-time but we enjoyed our season of traveling when we could. Now it's different and we are fine with that too. So glad to see that Len is getting his medication at an affordable cost. That's so difficult nowadays. Just wondering about Biscuit. Some dogs do not take to a kennel well and it is very stressful for them. Have you considered an insulated dog house that you could put in a sheltered location (porch?) so that he could stay outside when you are gone and still be warm? Just a thought...

    1. Donna... that is a terrific suggestion. I really don't want to create him. We have two porches. I do think this would work well

  3. All our lives are changing so fast now. At least you found a way to cut the costs on the medication and I hope this other organization will help even more with cost. I think Donna has a great idea for the dog. I know they have one called Igloo and are for winter and summer.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving or as your Pastor said Thankful for life.

  4. Still getting caught up and sorry to read of Leonard's condition. It will definitely be easier for the both of you in a stationary lifestyle where the local doctors know what you face. You are very lucky to have set up your home base before all this happen. Now we can only Pray that Leonard can continue to function at home fairly easily. If the house gets to be too much it might be wise to look into an Assisted Living Complex.
    We'll be keeping you both in our prayers.

    It's about time.

  5. We had no plans to go off the road, but as you know, life changes. I've been so busy unpacking Mom these last couple days, but I owe you a phone call :)

  6. I am glad you found a way to avoid the outrageous medication costs! We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.