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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Getting through it.

Cullman,  AL

Today marks our 23rd day of minimum contact with other people.     We had NOMADS visitors on March 13.   March 14 we started our self isolation.   This is especially important as we are both well into the age that is regarded as susceptible to this virus.  In addition. Leonard has both heart and lung disease making him doubly susceptible.

No church,  no visiting, no real shopping.   Hand washing, TV watching, reading, yard work.

When we need groceries we rely on our Son and Daughter-in-law who live about 20 miles from us.  They get what is on my list, deliver it and leave it on the porch.   We can't thank them enough.  For the most part we are well stocked.  I mostly order our meats through Omaha Steaks.   Not only steak but seafood, prepared vegetable dishes, chicken, pork, etc.  Because I use them frequently I never pay for shipping.   I get points with which I get free products.  Plus they send me coupons of $15 or $20.   We have plenty already in the chest freezer and expect another order on Tuesday.

 I had bought a 12 pack of toilet paper right before this situation arose.   That and the TP we still had from a previous purchase will hold us for a while.   UNLESS..... on occasion the meds that Leonard take can alternate between constipation and diarrhea.   Enough said!!

Starting last Thursday I limit my Facebook time.   Even at this time there is still so much hatred between political views.  It upsets me so why torture myself.   I really don't miss it.

I talk to my daughters and miss them and Lens kids too.   My one daughter Terri worries about us.  Terri..... we are fine!   She sent us two bottles of hand wash the type used by doctors prior to surgery.   Thanks Terri.

We have been away from the house a total of two times.   Last week I ordered a meal from Cracker Barrel from their catering menu.  I ordered online, was informed what time it would be ready, pulled up in front of the door, called them to tell them we are there and in less than  2 minutes the meal was brought out and put into the car.   It was supposed to feed 3 to 5 people.  Fried chicken, hash brown casserole and green beans with biscuits.    There was so much food.   We had it that day for lunch, that night for dinner.  Skipped a day then another dinner.   Biscuit got the rest.

Yesterday I ordered online from Tractor Supply.   Ant mound killer  (this is Alabama..... LOTS of fire ants), Round Up, Duck feed and Bird seed.      It was so easy.   Order online.  They email when it's ready, drive up, call them, they bring it out and load it into the car.    One problem.   They were out of Duck Feed.   So it's ordered and it gets delivered.   Cost of feed is $16.99.   Cost of delivery $16.49.  The little buggers better really like it.   Speaking of the ducks, one duck is nesting.   She comes out every few days to eat.  I read it takes 35 days for ducklings to hatch.   I really, really need more ducks coming up on the porch.

I've kept the lawn mowed and  weeds down around the pond.   One time Len asked about mowing.  He did some of the lawn then the next day got out his tractor and bush hogged the back of the property.  All looks good right now.  Until it rains.

We have several trees we want taken down.   We had some removed two years ago.  I don't recall the name of the person who did it.   So I checked out the Home Advisor site online.   I gave them our information.    This morning I got a call from one of the recommended persons.   He came to the house (keeping a safe distance) and gave us a quote.   We have 12 trees to be taken down and hauled away.  We also have 8 stumps to be ground.   He gave us a very fair price.     Hopefully he can get to us in two weeks.    Len kept saying he could do it.   I told him NO HE CAN'T.   Problem solved.

We've had tragedies on Len's side of the family.   Unexpected passings.    Two of them young children. During these times we could not possibly go to Louisiana.     They all understand.   Our hearts are with them all.

I watch as our investments fluctuate each day.   I can't let it scare me.   I know once things settle it will rebound.    And we plan to live long enough  to see it.   Even if it doesn't we have enough.

Our wish is that all of our family and friends manage and take good care of themselves and each other.  We love and miss each of you.   Better times ahead.

Until next time.


  1. Hi Phyllis and Len...so good to hear from you. I keep thinking of the scripture "for such a time as this" and keep plugging along. Glad that Len felt up to doing some mowing. We think of you often and hope one day to be able to come back for a visit...for this time and right now, we are hunkering down in Yoakum, enjoying what the Lord has blessed us with and so thank ful for technology to keep in touch we love and care about. Hang in there. I hope you get new babies soon!!!

  2. Happy to hear you're doing good under the circumstances. Biscuit looks great.
    Prayers for you and your family. Be safe. ❤️🙏❤️

  3. Glad to hear you both are well. It does get boring, but I've been doing a lot of baking. We're all 3 doing good.

  4. Always enjoy your updates. Thanks and stay well.

  5. Suck it up and stay the heck at home! Yes, I worry!

    Love you both so very much.

  6. Glad you are making do under such conditions.
    Stay Safe and Enjoy the solitude.

    It's about time.

  7. Good to hear from and knowing that you and Len are doing good.

    I wonder if you will have littel ducklings. At least it is entertainment.

    I think we are lucky in a way since we have yards. While your's is quite a bit larger than mine Im glad to have it. I can sit out on the porch or wander around the yard looking for rattlers. Umm not really.

    Take care

  8. We have been in self quarintine since 15 Mar after our last RV rally. Still have some sanity left:) Be safe!