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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Bought one, passed on the other.

 Cullman,   AL

Not a heck of a lot has been going on the past few weeks.     Still waiting for information on when Leonard is cleared for shoulder surgery.     Both arms are about useless.  Can do no lifting of them.

He needs me to help him put on his shirt and socks.   Also dry his back after bathing.   He is anxious to once again be able to bush hog and do other work around here including sanding down further the front steps and staining them.

I had been having difficulties with my Dell computer for the last several months.  Slow as molasses and would not take a charge.   Finally I decided I had enough.   So off to Office Depot.

I now have a Lenovo.   Easy to get used to as it has the same Windows 10 the Dell had.  Not a good picture but here she is.

It's great I have no issues with learning a new computer operating system but it's always something to quote Gilda Radnor.    This is the first blog entry since the layout has changed.  What was wrong with the old one?   I will get it figured out.

The Dell was just sitting here in my office and I wondered what to do with it.  Then daughter Amy was telling me they were having issues with hers.  (another one I got upset with and gave her a few years back).    Not only that both granddaughters are using hers as their school has not opened and they do their classes on line at home. (Abby has since been issued one from her school).  Amy also has to use a computer frequently from home.  She is a tax accessor in Baltimore county and does a lot of research from her home office.   Her husband is an archeologist and does some reports and research from home also.    Three people one computer.  

So I offered the Dell to her.   I took it to Office Depot who wiped it clean and put it back to factory settings.     I sent it to Maryland via FedEx.    Overnight cost was about $165.00.   "Ground" was $25.00.    You bet I chose ground.   I could not believe it but it arrived in just two days, last Sunday.  So glad I saved the $140.00.

Now for what we did not buy.    We had seen advertisements on TV for a gun store named Caliber down in Homewood, Al, right outside Birmingham.   Took a ride down yesterday.   Oh my gosh.   Cheapest gun we saw was $700.00.    Most were in the $4,000 to $7,000 range.    One was $250,000.   That's right.... A quarter of a million dollars.    There was even a Gatling gun sitting on wheels.   Didn't see a price of it.  

There was a clothing department.   I checked out one shirt.   $195.00.   Gloves $35.00.   WOW.

We left there and decided since we saved $250,000 by not buying that gun we could go to lunch.  Even better, our son Lennie had won a $25.00 gift card to the local Applebee's.   Since they don't go to Applebee's and we do, he gave it to his Dad.     So dinner cost us $6.51 plus tip.   

Bottom line is we saved a bundle yesterday:    A cheap lunch and not spending the $250,000.

Until next time.


  1. I have the Lenovo for a couple years now nice big screen. Its getting a little slow now so I need to get hold of the geek squad and have them clean it up.
    Love how you saved all that money this week LOL
    Nice of you to send your daughter and family the old Dell. And another huge savings by going ground.

  2. My Mom's desktop that I use is a Lenovo. It's pretty good. We both took the plunge and bought 2 new laptops. George had a Dell, I had a Toshiba, both were over 6 years old. Costco had an HP 17" on sale for around $500 each, so we went for it. We like them a lot.