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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Who's your Daddy and We Welcome Boondockers

 Cullman,   AL

Finally some cooler weather and a bit of changing leaves.   Not at all like I am used to seeing in the northeast.      

What I find here in north Alabama there are two seasons.   Summer and Winter.  There are so few days when we are able to open the windows and enjoy the outside air blowing through.    It is either HOT and we need the A/C or COLD and we need the heater.  But we want to take advantage when we can.

Our windows in the living area are solid windows.  The front door has a screen in the upper area and I will put that down and allow a breeze in when the weather permits.   The big window in the dining room is also a solid pane.  There are two smaller windows on each side that open.  Opening those windows and the front door screen gives us very little cross ventilation.    Also the all windows in the house have slats that give the impression of separators except the front windows.    I never noticed they had those slats when we looked at the house.    Some time between our first viewing the house and we moved in the windows were changed out.   They just don't look as nice.

We are in the process of changing out the windows.   New ones will be installed in the living area in two weeks.     I will post before and after pics at a later blog.

As I've written before we had a family of ducklings hatch back in July.   There were four babies but the hawk got three.  All in one night.    We assumed our male Pekin and female Muscovy duck cross-bred.  We expected the babies to be white with black markings as such a crossbreed would be.

As the duck grew it became evident he/she would not be black and white.  Then I realized.  We have Mallards that visit the pond.   Yup...... our newest duck looks like a female Mallard - Muscovy mix.

Here is Mama, baby and Step-Daddy.     Daddy left for more opportunities or at least until breeding season returns.

When we were full-time RVers I joined several Internet RV sites.   One of them was RVillage.  It is where RVers converse, meet and get info.   This site notifies me when someone is parked nearby.  Some times I respond by welcoming them to the area.   I did just that earlier in the week.

Lisa and Richard were camped at Hidden Cove Resort, a campground 26 miles from home and one where we had spent many a delightful time.    A short time later they responded to my welcome.   A few days later we met at Clarkson Covered Bridge about 7 miles from our house.

Lisa and Richard

We then invited them to the house for a longer visit.  What a delightful couple.  After seeing our RV sites they told us about Boondockers Welcome.   This is where Rvers can go to find convenient places on private property to spend a night or a few.  

Leonard and I decided it would be nice to join as hosts.   We love visitors.   So yesterday I completed the required information and we were then listed.   It was less than 4 hours  we got a response.  So in early November we will host a retired couple traveling from Indiana.  They will be staying two nights.

This coming Friday we will be hosting a couple that we worked with in north Louisiana when we were volunteering as NOMADS.   This is how we stay connected to NOMADS as we are unable to work any more.  Looking forward to re-connecting with Deb and Mark

Until next time.


  1. So... how to you get them out if they decide to make it a permanent home?

  2. Terri..... they sign a list of regulations. If someone abuses the system they are reported to the administrators. Or we could just cut off their electric and water and sewer I suppose. And hope for really hot or cold weather!!! But truthfully we find most people are respectful and appreciative to have a nice place to park for a day or two.

  3. That will definitely help RVers as they travel. The only thing you might be cautious at this time is the Virus. It's easy to travel through an area and not know you picked up the Virus. For Len that could be deadly.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the company.

    It's about time.

  4. Sounds like something you and Len would do to help out others. But yes be warry of the virus.
    Are you sure its hawks getting your duckand not racoons or skunks. Hawks usually hunt during the day or it could be owls at night.