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Friday, December 11, 2020

Not much happening around here.

 Cullman,   AL

Yup, not much happening.   

The best thing that happened recently was a visit from our granddaughter Lindsey.  She flew up from Pearland, TX for a 4 day visit.     We had planned on seeing her over Christmas down there but The US Navy had other plans.    Lindsey joined the Navy under the Nuclear Engineer program.  She was not supposed to go to Boot Camp until March or so.  However, an opening came up and she jumped on the invite to go earlier.  She leaves on December 16 headed to Great Lakes, IL where she will have to quarantine for two weeks.   

Meet Lindsey

We have had this visitor a few times too.    He is a sweet, sweet boy.   Biscuit does not usually allow other dogs on our property.   But he likes this one. I do too.  They run and play together.   We are not sure who he belongs to but have a suspicion.    We suspect he will be living next door in the trailer that was recently placed there.   No one is living there yet but every few days we have noticed a car or truck there doing some work.   We think he comes with them.   

We have lightly decorated the house for Christmas.    We have LOTS of decorations in the basement.  However, neither of us feels like lugging stuff up and decorating.   We did bring up a tree and a few decorations were placed around the house.    Nothing like we used to do when living in the 1850 farmhouse in NJ.

Only exciting thing to happen here was a Boondocker got stuck.   I directed him where to back in using the driveway, but he missed the driveway and got bogged down in the yard.   It had been raining all day.

They were in a 43' diesel pusher motorhome.   Quite heavy.  Len tried to move him with our tractor but no luck.   This happened about 2 in the afternoon.   They ended up calling their roadside assistance provider.   Did not get here til 8:30.  Needless to say it was pitch black outside.   They remained in the Motorhome awaiting the tow truck and would call me to keep me updated.

With some effort the tow truck got them out.   Needless to say they did not stay the night but went on down the road.   I told them about a large rest area about 8 miles down I-65.  I texted them the next day and that is where they stayed that night.

Today we have mild weather.  Len is out on the tractor trying to fill in the ruts.  Thinking he is making a few more.

As I said it is mild out today.   When I went out to get the mail I see our forsythia bush has some flowers on it.

Oh my,  Leonard just called me.  He said he broke a valve stem on a tractor tire and the tire is flat.  He took the tire off and is going to town to get it fixed.    I am going to give him HECK (or something like that) when we gets back.   He should not be doing that himself.

On a good note, all Christmas shopping is done.   All gifts that have to be mailed have been sent.  And the rest are wrapped and ready.   

Until next time.....


  1. I guess one of the perils of having boondockers. Glad they were able to get out. Merry Christmas to you and Len!

  2. That was a huge MH, your poor yard and BAD BAD Len. I received that last of my gifts today but 3 item will have to be returned. I will have to return them to the store it's easier that way and maybe I can find something to replace them.

  3. Congratulations to Lindsey on being excepted for the Nuclear Engineering Program. Our friends son Nicolas went though that and is now serving on the Aircraft Carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.
    Sounds like Biscuit is enjoying her new friend.
    Lots of people are decorating more to raise their own spirits. Not too many smiling because of this Pandemic.
    Too bad that Boondocker got suck. Might have to widen your driveway.
    Len is a typical guy. He knows better but too stubborn to let it get the better of him.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the season.

    It's about time.