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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

We had to make some changes.

 Cullman,  AL  

We are continuing on our hosting of Boondockers, but with some minor changes.

We have been happy to welcome our RVing friends to park on our sites when traveling this area.  Many RVers we've met on the road have stopped by.   In each case, we have remained friends.  Also RVing friends from PA and NJ that we knew before we moved here have stopped and visited and used our sites.  We built those sites for that reason.   We wanted to host friends and family.    We would never expect, accept nor want them to pay for a site.   We would consider that an insult to our friendship.    We just want to see them and keep in touch.

Continuing on from my last posting meet the most recent guests.   These are folks who found us on the Boondockers Welcome website.

This is Dave.   He traveled from Ohio where we works at a campground in the summer to Florida where he works at one in the winter.   He travels with his sweet Border Collie mix, Holly.  

Next is Mary and Conrad, heading south from Indiana.   This is the couple that responded just 2 hours after I joined Boondockers Welcome as a host.    Wish we had more time to spend with them.

Now this was really fun.  Chad and Sarah have 4 active boys that they are home schooling on the road.  The boys and Biscuit had lots of fun.  By the time they left, Sarah was looking online for a Beagle.

Meet Susan and Joe.   They just came from Leonard's area of Louisiana doing mission work through Billy Grahams mission and Samaritans Purse.

Joe and Quinn have recently started their Full Time adventure.

We truly liked each of our guests.   But we find we must make changes.       We've hosted Boondockers Welcome members ten times.     On our profile I state donations welcome.   I explain the RV sites are on same account as the shop.  That account is charged at a higher commercial rate than the house.   We are also on metered water.   Hence donations.   We are not doing this to make money.   

 Each older couple worked until retirement. Now are living their dream.  Some younger people choose to live their dream now, often working online.   Most guests gave us a donation.  Very much appreciated.   Two couples stayed four nights and  choose not to donate anything using full hook ups.  That is their right to do.   We understand.  We were not demanding a donation.

But after checking the KW usage on house and RV sites, and the RV sites using twice as much as the house in those instances we had to come to a difficult decision and change from donations gratefully accepted to a small per night charge.   Hated to do this. 

We still look forward to hosting.   But not going broke.

Until next time.


  1. That makes sense to me. It seems obvious that some one staying there would want to at least insure that you did not have to pay for their use of utilities. I have also observed that some people are clueless or worse.

  2. I knew that once you signed onto Boondockers Welcome it would become costly. Lots of Boondocking Hosts only give a free spot to park.
    Be Safe and Enjoy meeting your guests.

    It's about time.

  3. See someone will always take advantage. Life on the road isn't free people!

  4. This makes perfect sense to me!!! You and Len are very generous and kind people and I know what you provide is worth what you’re asking and more!!! Unfortunately, some folks do take advantage. Whenever we stopped at Wal-Mart and/or Cracker Barrel we always bought merchandise or ate there. One day we are going to experience the kindness of your RV site!!! We just haven’t been on the road in forever!!!

    1. And when you do come to visit, you are our guests. Friends. We do not ever accept money from friends. Ever.

      As hosts of Boondockers Welcome our intent was not to make money. Under their rules, that is not an option. It is to provide a safe, comfortable space for the guests. However, that being said, when hookups are offered, guests are expected to offer a small token. We had one couple who actually did boondock. No hook ups at all. Had they offered, we would have refused. But I was surprised that two couples stayed 4 days, used water, electric and sewer and offered nothing. That was their right. No requirement. Funny thing is, since we changed our Profile to a small charge, have not gotten one reservation. When completely free, for those 5 weeks we had them coming and going constantly.