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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Had some fun and what now

 Cullman,  AL

The girls left for home last week.  This is how they looked that morning.

While here for two weeks they went bowling with Aunt Lois and Jordan.   We took them to Cook Nature Center  in Decatur and McWane Science Center in Birmingham.   These are two of their favorite places here in Alabama.

 Charalottte studying her Algebra

Our raised garden has not worked out.   So disappointmed.    We will try again next year with different soil.  What we used was from Lowes and said to be raised bed soil.   Nothing, absolutely nothing thrived.   We've pulled the platns out and they will be compost using this contraption.

Our girl Frances is again brooding.   We hope this time is a success.  Last time some critter got to her eggs.

Abby managed to tame our Elsie.  She got so she could carry her around.

Yesterday Leonard had doctor appointments at UAB in Birmingham.   I had read about a Cajun resturant down there.  So this was a good time to check it out.    What a unigue place.  We both had sausage and shrimp gumbo.   I had a shrimp Po Boy, he had an oyster Po Boy.   One look at the food and a picture of it when out of my mind.   


Talkiing abaut food, a gift from daughter D'Juana and hubby Joe.

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  1. I guess Biscuit survived being boarded?

    1. He sure did. Ran to Len. Ran pass me to another lady. As I was taking him to car he heard dogs barking goodbye to him and wanted to go in that direction.

  2. Always nice to spend time with the grands and watching their accomplishments.
    Working with raised gardens is tricky. You have to have good Black Soil not just composting to make things grow.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.
    Like that seasoning package.

  3. Nice places you went with the girls. I know you were sorry to see them go. New place for lunch looks interesting glad you enjoyed it so much you forgot to take pictures.