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Monday, July 12, 2021

Two week trip and we are tired

 Cullman,  AL

As usual during the summer we like having our granddaughters from Maryland visit.  This summer it will be a short one.... only two weeks.

It was another two weeks that we spent getting them and visiting family in both Maryland and Pennsylvania.   We had planned for NJ also but these bodies are getting old and did not feel up to driving over and back ..... over 2 hours each way.  

While we were gone, RV friends needed a place to park while the wife was recuperating surgery nearby.  And we needed someone to keep an eye on the property and feed the ducks.   Worked out well for all of us.

We left Alabama on June 24.   We fought traffic most of the way north.   

 Our first stop was at our nephew Jason's and Kelly's house in Rural Retreat, VA for some needed rest.  They served us dinner and welcomed our visit. Always great to talk to them.

The next day we drove in Maryland to daughter Amy's and family house.  Biscuit got reacquainted with their Charlie.

Then Len and I and granddaughters headed to our family cabin in north central Pennsylvania for a few days.

This is the cabin.    Mom and Dad purchased it back in the mid 60's.

At the time it had no running water, heat, electric, sewer.    It was a school house.  Most of you readers will not know who this is but he attended school there and was born right down the road.

An interesting fact:   Tom Mix was a pall bearer for Wyatt Earp.

This is in the  middle of Pennsylvania Elk Country.   This trip we saw more deer than Elk.

Two young Elk

Deer crossing road by cabin

There are several state Visitor Centers and Elk Viewing facilities in the area.

Back in the cabin it was relaxing and playing cards.

And we had this visitor.  A local Grouse.   He would come up on the deck and visit, follow us around, tried to get in the truck and even ran behind the truck following us for a short time.

Our next stop was daughter Terri's my husband Steves.   On the fourth our friends Darlene and Jim (who are fulltime RVers and from that area) came for lunch.   Always so good catching up with them.  They often stop here on the way to or from Florida in the winter.

As Terri and Steve live in a 1832 house converted from a grist mill house, they have a frequent chore.  Removing debris from the steam that runs under the house.

During our stay at Terris my sister Debbie and her friend Kathy came up to visit for a day.  As usual, too busy talking to remember to take a picture of them.  I did remember to take one of Cane, the boss of the house.

We did the trip in reverse over the weekend.   Back to Amys, overnight stay at Jasons.  Lots of traffic around Chattanooga.

Got home on Saturday exhausted.    No cooking that night.   It was Jim n Nicks BBQ.

We had planned to eat there.   I am thinking it was meant to be as our  RV guests had left a gift card that paid a great portion of our meal.

Until next time.


  1. How nice of them to give you a gift card! Traveling is exhausting anymore. Looks like a good time though.

  2. That all worked out well for your house and how nice of them to leave you a gift card. My how the girls have grown!