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Thursday, January 19, 2023

VIsitors, gravestones and jail

Cullman,  AL

Here we are, almost through another month.   We've had warm weather.   We've had torrential rain.  We've had nearby tornadoes.  Just a typical January Alabama.

But most of all we've had lots of visitors.   So far this month we've had eight RVs in our sites.  Some as little as a day, others up to five days and everything in between.

It was our pleasure that two of our visitors were friends from our NOMADS days.  For new readers, NOMADS is a mission of the Methodist Church.   It's old people (I have no clue how Len and I qualified) that travel in RVs and do various projects throughout the country.   Our guests were Jane

whom we worked with several years ago in Mercedes, TX.   What a treat when she stops by.

Then there was Jill

who was on our team during our last project in Vienna, Ga.  

While Jill was here, we decided to look up a gravesite that we heard was in a neighboring town.  

Many remember Pat Buttram as Gene Autry's sidekick.   Or a wee bit more recent as Mr. Haney of Green Acres.

Keeping to that theme, yesterday Len and I went to another nearby town to find this gravesite.   

George Lindsey is mostly remembered as Goober Pyle, the mechanic, on the old Andy Giffith show.

I have a list of other gravesites we will visit as time goes on. 

When out and about with Jill, we stopped at

This is the second oldest Jail still standing in the country.  We had visited this site years before we settled here in Cullman.   Here is the jail:

Quaint isn't it.

Notice the holes in the walls?   I'll let it up to your imagination what the prisoners used them for.

Our sweet boy is on medication to ease any pain he might have with the pulled ligament in his leg.  He is so good.   Each morning Len shakes the pill container.  Biscuit scurries up to him and lifts his head for the pill.   Could not ask for a better dog.

Well, that is our exciting life here.     Looking forward to warmer weather.   Won't be long.  I see our forsythia bush is starting to bloom.  A sure sign of Spring around the corner.

Until next time.

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  1. It's alway nice to see old friends and you had a busy month. I love visiting old cemetarys. Biscuit turned out to be a great visitor that choice you and Len for his forever family.