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Friday, March 10, 2023

Yes! We are Seniors

 Cullman,  AL

Great fun now back at Home.  Thrilled to see Spring blooms.  Now so much thrilled thinking about the hours of mowing that now lays ahead.   I managed to get a bit done a few days ago.  But it has rained almost constantly since.   Can hardly tell what was mowed and what was not.

We are currently hosting our 208th and 209th Boondockers Welcome guests.   One leaves this morning; another arrives this afternoon.   We have 22 more on the schedule for the next two months.

And as we all know, along with home ownership comes repairs.  A few windows were replaced by the previous homeowner prior to us moving in.  They looked good for a while.   But have since become impossible to open and close.   Another Lowes failure.    The below picture was taken in our bedroom.  You can see the gas leakage between the panes.   The next picture is the new one.   I can actually see outside.

 Altogether we had four windows replaced.  And we say this is the LAST update we will be doing.  We both know that's not true.

Leonard has had issues with pain in the hip.    About 6 months ago he went to UAB where he received a shot.   All for great until a few weeks ago.  He was in almost constant pain.  But would not go to doctor.  So....  last Sunday night I was having difficulty getting to sleep.  At 11 pm I took an Ambien.  One hour later I feel him shaking my foot.  He said he needed to go to the ER.  Of course, it's always in the middle of the night.   

We went to the ER.  They gave him some meds for pain.  He said he would contact the Sports Medicine doctor he saw before.   (He did.  Got another shot on Tuesday.)    I guess I was driving a bit scary when I drove him to the ER.  And stumbling when walking.  So, pain or not....he drove home.  What did he expect?    

The shot in the hip has really helped.   Good thing as we love Thursday at the Senior Center.  And the dancing.   Back on March 2 they had our SENIOR PROM.    

A few days ago I saw something brown in front yard.  I thought maybe a groundhog.   Len and I walked out to check it up.  Nope, not a groundhog.

Biscuit kept running around it.   We were afraid he would get too close and get "snapped".  So,

very carefully it took a trip to the pond.

We have other critters that are enjoying meals on one of the set of steps leading down from the back porch.

And now a picture of Biscuit.  Just because

Until next time.


  1. Glad Len got a shot that helped. Growing old sure isn't for sissies. We have had two different snapping turtles that love to move from a neighboring pond to ours (much smaller). Stu carefully moves them into a wagon using a shovel and relocates them for the safety of our dogs.

  2. Biscuit is such a cutie. Love the Senior prom pictures!

  3. Snapping turtles are nasty critters. My daughter took her granddaughter to a park here and Miliany spotted a turtle good thing my daughter saw what kind it was so they didn't have a nasty encounter.
    Hope Len is feeling better after his shot. And Biscuit looks comfy.