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Monday, March 27, 2023

Finally able to cut grass, and other stuff

 Cullman,  AL

Ah..... Spring at last.   And along with Spring in Alabama comes tornadoes.  This has already been a busy season.    Many recent events throughout the South.   The worse in Mississippi.    The nearest one to us was in a neighboring town, causing one fatality.   Very disturbing.

Our grass has not been mowed since the fall.   So glad I was able to cut it these past few days.  Looks great.  That will last at least a day or two then the dandelions take over again.  

We've had several strong winds in the last weeks.  A sweet couple were parked here two weeks ago for 5 days.  The young man asked if he could pick up the downed branches for us.   OF COURSE!   I gave him my small chain saw to use.   He not only picked up the branches but also cut up what he could from a peach tree we had taken down.   Then filled our wood bin out by the firepit and stacked the remaining branches next to it.   We are set to go!

We expect our 218th RV guests this afternoon.   Currently we have 19 reservations on the books for the next two months.    It is very dark out there at night.    We decided to install two flood lights; one overlooking the RV sites, the other the firepit and picnic area.   We will also put in switches outside for our guests.  Last weeks guest helped Len one afternoon.   Still more to be done.    Jim Price...... do you see this????

Aside from working around here we have enjoyed the last two Friday evenings.  Friends from the Senior Center kept telling up about a dance held Fridays in the nearby town of Eva.  We decided to try it out.  It is attended by mostly seniors.   A $6.00 admission and most people bring food to share.   What a buffet it is.   They eat at 6:30 then a great band starts at 7.  Fun, fun, fun.

Readers might recall that we had our front porch enclosed late last summer.  We were quite happy about it.   However, after several rains we noticed water seeping in on one side.   Upon examination we found that one side of the enclosure had been siliconed between walls and floor.  The other side had not.  So Len got silicone and did the other side.    Well, with the storms last week we still have seepage into the room causing carpet to get wet and some mold spots.   I have contacted the installers.   Waiting for them to return.    And fix the problem.

We had a guest that has a sweet dog.   They were in the house visiting.  Biscuit often comes to Lens chair and jumps up putting his front two paws on the chair asking for ear rubs.  This time he did a full jump up to lay on Lens lap.  He had never done that before.   Do you think he was claiming his territory?

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  1. So nice that you get such helpful RVers! Very glad you weren't visited by any tornadoes this time. Hoping you don't!

  2. Good to hear you were spared the tornados they were so bad.
    Great RVers coming to your place and so nice of them to help around the property.