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Monday, April 10, 2023

Continuing with visitors both new and old

 Cullman,  AL

We have now hosted in excess of 225 Boondockers Welcome members.  We have 19 currently on the schedule for future stays.

A few weeks ago we hosted a couple with a young daughter.  They asked if she could try to catch and release a few fish.   Certainly.   Within 20 to 30 minutes, she reeled in two catfish, a bluegill and a largemouth bass.    We had stocked catfish and bluegill last April after our total loss of fish the fall before due to an algae problem.

We've never stocked bass.   But our neighbor has.  His pond empties into a small creek that runs into our pond which empties into that creek and runs on down the line.   He had mentioned that he didn't know if he still had any bass in his pond.    I'm thinking I know where some might be.   

We have his fish?  But he has our duck.  When we were away a few weeks ago, he walked over every day and fed our ducks.    Our two Pekin ducks followed him home.   Unlike our other ducks, Pekins can not fly.   He walked back and one of them followed him back.   The other is still there. 

 I 've gone to his house with feed.   The duck, named Baby Duck, came for the feed.  But would not follow me.   Another of our ducks has also decided to stay over there most of the time.  We see Cookie here only on occasion.    We will have to take a fish net or something to throw over Baby Duck to get him home.   But unless the Bass can swim upstream, it looks like they are here for a while.

Last Thursday our friends Jim and Darlene arrived for a few days visit on their way back to Pa from FL.   We took them to 55 East where we have been going to dance on Friday nights.   Darlene loves to dance and joined in many of the line dances.  

From left to right.  Leonard, our friends from the Cullman Senior Center Dennis and Joanne and then Jim and Darlene.

The four of us

It rained all day Friday and Saturday.   But come Easter morning, the sun came out.  The four of us attended Sunrise Service which started at 6 AM.     The song leaders:

Pastor Paul Campbell giving the message.   Notice the sun has risen.

After service it was breakfast back at the church.

Easter luncheon at home.   Darlene made this fabulous cake/bread type dessert

Lunch is served.:

Our guests for lunch.   Jim and Darlene, son Lennie, Daughter in law, Lois, Granddaughter Maddie and Great Grandson Jordan.    Not a good picture.   Too dark.

Shortly after lunch Jim and Darlene pulled out headed to their next stop.

Now we have two whole days before our next guests arrive.   We actually have three Motorhomes pulling in on Wednesday.   We only have water, electric, sewer for two.  One of the motorhomes does not want to be connected to anything as they run off solar panels.   We will find a spot for them too.

And after days of rain and now sunshine you can guess what I will be doing.  I just mowed late last week.   Never ending.

Until next time.


  1. Well you are sharing pets now! Pretty funny.
    Nice Easter gatherings.

  2. Happy Easter! So nice to have so many visitors. Miss you two!