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Sunday, October 25, 2015

A new knee

Buena Vista Campground
Buena,   NJ

Over the years Len has had 3 surgeries on his right knee to fix two torn meniscus.   Recently the knee has given him increased pain to the point it has been difficult for him to walk.  It was time for a total knee replacement.

We came back to NJ as our family doctor, cardiologist and the surgeon who repaired the last torn meniscus ten years ago are all here.  

His surgery was on Wednesday.   Yesterday he was moved into a rehab center.    Thursday he did well.  Only took short walks with the walker.  Friday a little more.  Yesterday more exercises and today even more.

He is now feeling the pain and exhaustion.  So am I.   I went to the rehab this morning and watched him as he exercised.   Once he got back to the room, he slept.  So I came back to the campground.  I went back this afternoon and helped him shower  (wow did  he need it).  Again he is exhausted and got back in bed to sleep.  I came back to the campground.  The last two days he has no appetite at all.  Eating very little.

Tomorrow is another day.  Hoping both the pain goes away and he gets his appetite back.

Thanks for each of you who sent well wishes.  It is much appreciated.


  1. Glad to hear the surgery was a success. Hope Len has a quick recovery.

  2. glad he is doing better but its not going to be overnight he just had major surgery. but in a few weeks when he's prancing around like a colt he will have forgotten about this part. give him a hug from us

  3. Thanks for the update. Prayers for continued strength and healing.

  4. I have only heard good things about knee surgery, so soon he will be chasing you around the RV:)

  5. Happy to see that Len is on the mend. I'm sure his pain will subside soon. He'll be up and dancing before you know it :)

  6. Get well soon do what the Doctor says, do all the exercises even when you go home you will be able to dance soon Love you all

  7. sending prayers for Len and for you. Hope he feels better soon.

  8. I too hope he will start to feel better. Having had both knees done I know what it's like. It will get better and Len will be so happy to have a better stronger knee. Sending healing thoughts his way

  9. A lot of that sleepiness and lack of appetite is from the pain medications. As they start to decrease the meds, he will be more alert and hungry. God bless you and Leonard.

  10. Ask the doctor to give him artificial saliva drops. A lot of times a few drops in the patient's mouth will stimulate the taste buds to kick in and make the person hungry enough to start eating. No RX needed. Can't hurt. Will keep ya'll in my prayers for a full, speedy recovery.