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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Back to the 50's???

Buena Vista Campground
Buena,   NJ

A few days ago we left this Thousands Trails park

and set up "home" for the next month or more here at Buena Vista Campground.  This campground is just 10 miles from the hospital where Leonard will have a total right knee replacement on Wednesday.  He is expected to spend 3 nights in the hospital and up to a week in a rehab center.

But for now, back to our time at Lake and Shore.   The past few weeks have seen sites getting ready for Halloween.   How's this for our RVing friends and family?   Cute!

Being at the Jersey Shore and not too far, we took a ride to a place made famous by the Bobby Rydell song in the 60's.

Wildwood is famous for it's 50's motif motels.   Mid October is a grand time to slowly ride the ocean front streets.  No traffic, neither vehicle or pedestrian.

What da ya say?   Nifty, cool, far out.

In these parts, everyone loves the Convenience store Wawa.   The newer ones have gas/diesel pumps.
Most look like typical gas pumps.

But not in Wildwood.  Keeping to the 50's theme.

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  1. Seeing these pictures brings back memories to a time when we spent so many summers on the coast line.

  2. I haven't been back to Wildwood since the late 70's. Thanks for the flashback.

    Prayers for Leonard for a successful surgery and complete recovery. Do your exercises!

  3. Oh, Those Wildwood Days. Watch the tram car, please!

  4. Are you planning on being there until after Thanksgiving? Hope Leonard's surgery goes well and even more on his re-hab. Keep us informed.

  5. Are you planning being there past Thanksgiving? What will the weather be then? Prayers for Leonard's surgery going well and his re-hab.

  6. Praying the Leonard's operation and rehab go well.