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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Daughter's move from NJ to PA

Ronks,   PA

Last night was our last night in NJ for several months.   Over the past few weeks we have stayed at what used to be our house and helped to clean it out for our daughter and hubby.   Terri moved to Pa. due to a new job opportunity, coming back only on weekends.

Finally the old house is empty.  Sad, but things move on.  I loved this house when we lived in it and continued to love it what she bought it in 2010.

Dining room

Living Room

A Guest Room

Family Room

The Kitchen Almost Empty

The new home.  Furniture arrives on Monday.

This house was once a grist mill.  That round well looking thing on the right, looks down on the stream that runs under this part of the house.  There is Plexiglas about two feet down and lights spotlighting the circle where the wheel once sat. 

Some of the kitchen.  Beautiful cabinets


Upstairs area that will be the son-in-laws music studio

Family room

One challenge in the move.   About five years before we sold Terri the house, a feral cat took residence under our deck.  We fed her and provided a warm cat house for the winter months.  We moved, she stayed.  Terri continued caring for her these past 4 years.  On occasion Miss Kitty would even allow Terri (only Terri) to pick her up for a short time.    No way could this dear critter be left there to fend for herself.

The vet told Terri to give her Benadryl for the ride.   My sister provided a kennel, Terri picked Miss Kitty up and deposited her in the kennel.  Benadryl must have worked.   She was awake but never complained or cried to get out.  Very calm all day yesterday for the ride and still calm today.

Terri read that sometimes if you keep a feral cat confined for about a month during a move, they get used to the area and will not run away.   Worth a try.

There is an area in the back of the house that is sheltered on three sides.  In this shelter is a small raised area.

No, that is not the cat.  That is grandson Justin helping to enclose the area on all sides and top.

When completed, Terri placed Miss Kitty in her new cage.

With the help of Miss Kitty's best friend, Cane the dog, we hope she adjusts to this new home.

Oh yea, we did let Justin out.


  1. Both houses look so nice. We wish Terry and family good luck with their new home. Hope Miss Kitty likes her new home too!

  2. Terri's new house is so cool! I wish them luck there. I'm sure they (and you) will miss the old house, but the memories remain. Good luck on your travels now. Hope both of you guys are healing nicely :)

  3. Both homes look like they have very large rooms. I wish them many happy years in the new home and miss kitty stays around. How wonderful that everyone thought enough of her to bring her along.

  4. I can see why you loved your home so much...it is just lovely!!! I do really like the new house!! I hope Miss Kitty adjusts well to her new home!! Sending best wishes to Terri and family in their new home!!!