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Friday, February 6, 2015


Mercedes, TX

If you were driving through the small town of Mercedes, TX you would notice on many corners a rather large boot.

The local boot company Rios of Mercedes has been making western boots since 1853.  

Two years ago while here, one of the volunteers had arranged for a tour of the factory.  We found that each boot is hand made and each boot is made solely of leather.

These are premium grade boots which command a premium price.

The many boots placed in downtown Mercedes pay tribute to various Texas Universities.

Recognize any?


  1. I like the Aggie boots. It seems like many towns do something similar. Amarillo had quarter horse statues all over town. New Bern, North Carolina had bears. Corpus Christi has dolphins and Nashville has guitars. I wonder how many other cities have art statues like this.

  2. Lovely header photo.

    Next time we are in the RGV, I told Paul we are visiting Mercedes. I love seeing things like this.

  3. It would take a big man to fit in those boots.