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Friday, February 13, 2015

Does this make sense?

Mercedes,  TX

Yesterday we finished our 6 weeks of volunteering here in the Rio Grande Valley.   We are satisfied with some of the improvements we have provided to the community.

We built a handicap ramp for a local food distribution center.

And a loading dock

We improved the lives of one family who were living in a house built of particle board.  Aside from many improvements inside, we hung T-111 siding.    All painting was done by the homeowners along with as much construction assistance the disabled father was able to give.  It is always a joy when the homeowners take the initiative to assist

Tomorrow we pull in the slides and head on up to the San Antonio area for 6 weeks.

The church here at Mercedes also houses teams from around the country who seek to assist people over in Mexico.   Some are medical teams, others do construction.

Currently there is a construction crew here of about 15 men from Indiana.   They take time from their jobs, pay their own way here and purchase construction materials.  Their goal was to build five 20x20 houses about 7 miles into Mexico.

Earlier in the week they were notified to not work that day as the roads were blocked due to cartels having a territory war and there was shooting in the area.

This morning they traveled to the work site.  While there shots rang out and it appears they were the targets.   They immediately fled the area, leaving construction materials and all their tools and equipment behind.  They head back north tonight with only 3 houses partially complete.

How sad.   Here are good people attempting to help people in need.  They are received by having their lives threatened and their personal tools stolen.

Does this make sense?


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that. Our church here in CA has youth that do work in Mexico as well. We worry about them. Safe travels to San Antonio.

  2. no it doesnt make sense. my question is why did they pick that area, isnt common knowledge in that area that the cartel is quite active and dangerous, they have no souls.

    1. Yes, Donna they knew. However, many people feel called to help there. For sure these people will not return. NOMADS used to work in Mexico. We can no longer do that as official NOMADS. But we know people who still go over on their own and work.

  3. Sad that the cartel controls the country. God would have to speak real loud to me before I went over there.

  4. Oh for heaven's sake. Where in Mexico did they go? So very happy no one was hurt!

  5. Phyllis, no, it does not make sense. Then again, neither does much of what happens in the world these days. Thankfully, there are still those like yourselves and those from your group who help balance things out on the positive side. Ya'll be safe out there, okay?

  6. It is very sad but that is the way of these people. They can't possible respect themselves never mind anyone else. I wouldn't cross the borders anymore these days. It's dangerous enough on this side.