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Friday, February 20, 2015

Out and About

Hondo,  TX

After sitting around the park for the last few days, yesterday we just had to get out for a drive.

We left Hondo headed west on Rt 90 picking up 127 north at Sabinal.   Starting at Concan we were on a Texas Hill Country scenic drive along the Frio River.   I know I heard that rivers name in a country song, I think by George Strait, but I can't place it.  Can someone help me out?

Passing by

We drove in but entry requires a Texas State Park pass.   We don't think we will be spending time in state parks while here so we drove on.

Since we entered Texas Hill Country, much of the drive was up and down hills.

In this stretch of the road we spotted some critters.

Riding along we picked up Rt 39 and headed east.  Much of this road follows the Guadeloupe River.

As we crossed over many small streams we noted most were completely dry.  However, that must not always be the case.

We wondered what this homeowner does when it floods as the driveway off the road seems to be the only path to the house.

This is a novel way to dispose the old boots.  They lined both sides of the road.

About 1 pm we got to the town of Kerrville and we were ready for lunch.  We were going to stop at Chilies but when we saw a local restaurant, decided to give it a try.

Len had chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and onion rings.  I selected chicken salad with pasta salad and fresh fruit.  There was enough fruit on the plate that Leonard had to finish it for me.

In Kerrville we picked up Rt 173 south back to Hondo.   These fellows were quite interested in what we were doing.

Or maybe they were just protecting their ladies.


  1. It was in "All my Exes Live in Texas" by George Strait. I can't claim any credit though. lol Gotta love the internet. :)

    1. Now why didn't I think of that! I've always told Leonard that George Strait is the only man I'd leave him for. Love that guy!

  2. I remember being over run by deer during our stay in Kerrville.

  3. Oh yeah, George Strait :) We really like Kerrville, even though we only stayed in a Walmart parking lot. Gotta look for a workamping job there someday.

  4. boy what racks those guys had...no one had better mess with their ladies.