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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Clean up

Cleona, PA

Once the rain stopped and the skies cleared, it was time to survey the damage.  The pile up under the house bridge.

I could not believe all the rubbish that came down stream.   Grandson Justin drove over from his home in Philadelphia to help Grandpop.   We wanted things cleaned up before Terri and Steve comes home later today.

Justin's girlfriend Karlie and I were busy bagging some of the trash.  Unfortunately lots of it floated out of our reach.  We were not about ready to walk into that COLD water.  Two piles got stuck on shallow ground.  I went out yesterday and broke some of it up.

Yesterday afternoon we had more showers.  We were away for a few hours and when we returned we were glad to see the water temporarily rose enough to move those piles on downstream.

This morning some local friends came back to survey the area.

I went outside to take better pictures but they must be camera shy.  As Judy would say "The End(s)"


  1. My goodness. That must have been some storm. Glad you were able to get some of the mess cleaned up.

  2. You can understand the tree limbs and weeds but when you see all the human trash that for some reason didn't make a trash can it's so sad. You all worked very hard clearing up the mess.