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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tunnel of Trees and Trucks

Mackinaw City, MI

We woke to lots of wind and rain.   At first it appeared this day would be a Hole-Up-In-The-Rig type of day.   But the rains stopped early morning, can't say the same for the winds.   So off we took......

We headed south west of Mackinaw to the village of Cross Village and picked up scenic Route M119.  The 20 miles between Cross Village and Harbor Springs is known as the Tunnel of Trees.

The road is narrow and in most parts heavily treed on both sides.  The majority of the road hugs high up near the Lake.

A few areas leave the lake but the views are as interesting.   A sheep farm

 A pumpkin patch

Many stately homes along this road.  Some more modest but every one well maintained with neatly trimmed lawns and an abundance of flowers.  Lots of sale signs too.  There was a bicycle run taking place and we stopped to talk to a gentleman at one of the check stations.  I asked him why so much property was for sale.  He said most had been on the market for years just in case someone came along and offered enough millions.   We are not that someone.

Harbor Springs is a quaint little town with lots of touristy stuff.

There was a closed off street with a Farmers Market.  We parked and walked around. Veggies, flowers, wine, oils, honey all of which were much too pricey for us.  Few things had the prices posted but those that did......Salmon $15 a pound;  Trout $14 a pound; a small head of Kale $5. I have a problem paying those prices but read on and see what I did buy.

We drove by the Harbor and then found a wayside picnic table where we ate our packed lunches.  Or we tried to eat at the table.  Winds still cold, truck was more comfy.

We picked up I-75 back to Mackinaw City and to the Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse.

We made the mistake of going into the visitors center.  I NEVER buy any over-priced items from a visitor center.  But a tea set caught my eye.  I fell in love.  I walked away.  I walked back.  I showed Len.  He said buy it, I said no.  I walked away.  I walked back.  He said That's it, we are getting it. I did not put up a fight.  

I wish I had taken a picture before it was mostly wrapped.  It includes two tea cups, two saucers, the tea pot, a sugar bowl with lid, a creamer and a tray on which it all sits.  I love it. I got it.  I live in an RV.  I have no place to put it.  And LEN DOES NOT DRINK NOT TEA.  Me, who would not spend $5.00 on kale, spent $149.00 on a tea set that I have no place to show it and no real use for it.  I love it.

As is our usual custom we find a local United Methodist Church and attend services on Sunday. According to our GPS the closest UMC is over the Mackinac Bridge in St. Ignace.  So why not, let's go over the bridge and check it out.   Toll is $4.00 each way.

We found the church and noted the time for tomorrow.   Then drove around town.  Love this lighthouse.

Many of the towns roads were blocked. Traffic was everywhere.  Both people and vehicle traffic. We could look down at the town and see something was going on.  Finally a detour actually put us downtown to where to action was.

Well this is something we had never seen before. A car show.   Well, actually not a car show but a TRUCK SHOW.

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.


  1. That tea set is lovely. :) Sometimes you just have to splurge and treat yourself.

  2. LOL. when you decided to go full time how much stuff like the tea set did you get ride of ?? but hey there is some reason it had such a strong pull on you. maybe you are going to meet someone that loves tea and you will have a new best friend

  3. Your tea set is so pretty. Maybe Len will get to liking tea now.

    Paul would love that truck show.

  4. Uh oh, don't let Len buy a truck :)

  5. The tea set is beautiful and maybe you can use it for coffee instead. And just maybe some day a long way down the road you will once again be in one place and you can enjoy it set out somewhere. Can believe how expensive the produce was at a farmers market but the ride and the pictures are wonderful

  6. Sometimes we all have to splurge a bit - for no apparent reason. Enjoy your tea set.

  7. Last time we went over the Mac bridge we had to wait for the wind to go below the level for high profile vehicles to cross. When we were allowed to cross, it was a little unnerving to think we were just below the not allowed level:)