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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dog sitting /// Cat sitting

Cleona, PA

Here we are at daughter Terri's house.   She and hubby Steve are vacationing on Cape Cod and needed their animals tended to while gone.  Perfect timing for us.  Our fifth wheel is in the shop having some improvements made.   We found the perfect place to do to the renovations just 25 miles away in Ephata.   More on that in a future blog.

After dropping the rig at the shop, we arrived here Saturday morning.   Steve is a member of a local band, 2nd Chance.  They were playing that night at the nearby Thousand Trails Campground - Hershey Preserve.  We spent two weeks there earlier in the summer.

The band:

Leonard and me

The four of us:

This was perfect for us.  Band started playing at 7, done at 10.  No more can we two old people do the 10 to 2 am thing.   We did manage to do a few Two-Steps and some Country line dancing.   Got some compliments too.

Terri and Steve left on Sunday morning.  These are two of our charges.  Cane the dog and Miss Kitty a feral cat that hung around the house back in NJ for the last 9 years.  Terri trapped her and brought her to Pennsylvania when she relocated here last November.  Miss Kitty has adjusted well.

There are two house cats, but they keep pretty well hidden.

I find it very relaxing sitting by the steam that flows under the part of the house where the grist mill once was.

Signs of fall are all around evidenced by the dying of some of the flowers.  Time to plant Mums.

This was taken from inside looking out at the stream.  Cane is sunning herself on the bank. She blends in well with the rocks.

This is not a huge house, but seems so big after living in a 39 foot RV for the last 6+ years.

We've not done much the last few days.  A couple of trips to Walmart.  Len washed the truck this morning.  Our grandson who lives in Philadelphia might drop in for a visit.  Later in the week we will drive down in Maryland to our daughter Amy's house.   Gotta get some Abby and Charlotte time in before heading to Michigan next Monday.

I'm thinking the truck washing was exhausting.  I hear the TV on but the snoring is drowning out the volume.


  1. What a win-win situation for both all of you.

    What a gorgeous setting you are in. I remember when you had the post of the moving in. Beautiful.

  2. How nice to be able to house sit and get a break from the RV :) Anxious to see what improvements you've done to the RV.

  3. I can see that it would be very relaxing to sit out near the stream and enjoying the nice weather.