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WHEE...... Home in Alabama!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Celebrations and RV changes

Mooch Camping
Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ

Well here we are for a few more days, mooching off our friends Lyn and Shirley Mooneyham.  We arrived last Wednesday and will be leaving this Wednesday.

 1st Celebration:

June 10 was the 7th birthday of our granddaughter Abby:

Every little girl likes Ana and her friends from Frozen.   Abby with Ana and her big sister Charlotte:

Abby got to select where to go for dinner.   INDIAN FOOD.   She loves the pitas and creamed spinach.   Also hummus and other Indian delights.  These girls like not only Indian food, but Japanese, Vietnamese and Peruvian.   They know the names of dishes I'd never even heard of (or ate).

2nd celebration:    Wedding

Yesterday daughter Terri was Maidren of Honor at her HS friend Debbie's wedding.   Terri and the groom Bill

Once more I goofed.  I don't have a single good picture of Debbie the bride.  Here's is the best I took.

A good time was had.  Even got in a few Country Line dances and two-steps.   Len and me:

RV changes.  

We love our new Open Range.  I like the color brown...... but this was TOO much.  Brown, nothing but brown.   Brown furniture.  Brown cabinets.  Brown bedspread and curtain.  Brown floors.  Brown carpeting.  So last week Terri and I did a bit of shopping.

Living room before:


Kitchen before


I have 4 pillows that are cream and brown.  My friend Karen, a seamstress will be stopping by in a couple of days to see what she can do to change them out and give us more color.

What that's about it for today.   Until next time......


  1. Abby is a smart gal. I love Indian food too.
    Beautiful changes to your 5er.

  2. WOW how the girls have grown. And their tastes in food is different good for them.

    Yes a splash of some other colors always makes a big difference. Sure is a beautiful home.

  3. Love the new home - can't wait 'til we can see it in person!

  4. Your granddaughters are really growing up! Love the pops of color in the RV.

  5. Grandchildren are such blessings. I love being a grandparent! You have a nice home!

  6. Happy occasions and enjoying a new RV-does not get much better than that!