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Friday, June 3, 2016

What have we come to......

Hershey Preserve Thousand Trials
Lebanon,  PA

We left TN on Tuesday and drove a little over 400 miles where we over-nighted at the West Virginia Welcome Center.   On Wednesday we did the remaining 150 miles to spend two weeks at this TT park.

After getting settled we drove down to Maryland to visit a bit with daughter Amy, SIL Scott and granddaughters Charlotte and Abby.   Last night we went to daughter Terri and SIL Steve's house to visit.  (And do a load of laundry).   We like this park as it is only 7 miles from Terri's house.

Like most folks today, I spend time surfing the Internet.  The Internet has reconnected me to people I have lost track with over the years and gave me opportunities to meet many that I would have never have met except for being on-line.  All this said, I am saddened to read so much rudeness and inappropriate conduct being tossed around.   And mis-information.

On one RV site I read where the original poster was told when entering Canada everyone is checked and they MUST have $1,000. on them.  If not, they can not enter the country.  Really?  People believe this?

Then I read where several people were re-posting that  Betty White died on the day after she turned 94 because she was out partying with young men.  When asked about it, she had said that if she died tomorrow she would have gone out happy.  A simple Internet search tells me....Betty White is alive. Wish people would check things out before re-posting.

Another one... the store Target will no longer sell American Flags.   Not true.

Oh, and the US banned smoking in cars effective some time in March.  This happened LAST YEAR in England.  There are some state and local ordinances banning smoking in cars, no Federal.  Check it out before posting.

One I really love...... on FB coupons keep popping up for free stuff from restaurants and grocery stores.  If everyone used these coupons, the store or restaurant would be in serious financial trouble.  Oh, and Mark Z is NOT going to share his fortunes with you.

I follow a lot of RV related sites.  Someone will post their thoughts of golf carts, who is REALLY a fulltimer, kids, dogs yelping, etc and just watch the snarky, nasty comments to follow.  And please don't give an opinion of which truck, RV, Motorhome you prefer.

I read articles related to politics.   Then I read the comments.  The name calling, insults and hateful comments are disgraceful and ugly.   People can disagree on issues, but thoughtful discussion is better than hate spewed rhetoric.  Few of these people that post ugly comments would say the same thing face to face.

A few weeks ago I read about a young girl who died at her schools field day.  The picture of her was a head shot.  She looked to have a full face.   The comments that followed were shocking.  People talking about her being over-weight and her parents got what they deserved by letting her get fat.  I prayed her parents never saw these comments.   This is not uncommon.  People  jumping to judge others in the most vile way.

And the latest..... the gorilla or the child.  Need I say more?

What have we come to......


  1. So true. People seem to think that because they are typing something on the Internet, common courtesy and civility can be thrown right out the window. Not to mention stating one's opinions as if it's a fact...and posting half-truths in politics with these crazy headlines that are skewed to be as outrageous as possible. The list goes on and on.

  2. Couldn't agree more. Great post and well said.

  3. Agree totally - it is so incredibly sad.

  4. Well said. People seem to have their common sense and that everything they say is "The Word". Not everyone does things the same way otherwise we'd all be drones.
    Been getting some of those comments on our blog lately.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. I have been thinking of leaving FB it is so ugly.

  6. Boy the Internet is full of so many wrong answers. But, many people believe what they read. That is very sad.

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  8. I have wondered if I met the person sounding so rude and crude on the internet in real life, face to face, would they be that way to me? The internet has given us so much more opportunities, has it empowered some people to do ill and evil?