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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The last few days.

Chestnut Lake TT Campground
Port Republic, NJ

We arrived at this campground one week ago today.  We leave next Wednesday.   My feelings about the campground.....they have obviously done  some recent improvements such as a new pool and entry gate.  However, the sites are quite small.  (Although we've been in smaller ones).  This is us on the left, my sister's unit on the right.

These families are all over the place.

It seems we've been on the road most days.   This area of NJ is about an hour and a half drive from where we park at our friends farm.   It took us a great part of the day last Wednesday to get set up as my sisters truck is down and after towing our rig here, returned and got hers.  I can't remember what we did on Thursday. Come to think of it, I think Leonard took the truck to the shop for an alignment.    On Friday we had dermatologist appointments over an hour away.  Took up a lot of the day.

On Saturday afternoon we drove over 2 hours to meet the daughter and son-in-law to get our granddaughters.     We had a bit of excitement after picking the girls up.  We were on the Atlantic City Expressway when we saw a mini-van pulled over and someone standing on the side of the road waving his shirt to warn people to slow down and move over.  We saw their vehicle was on fire.  Leonard pulled over and got the fire extinguisher we keep on the truck.

He used the entire extinguisher and put the flames out but it was so hot, it flamed again.  There was no stopping it.

He called 911.   The State Police arrived shortly and pulled into the open lanes to block traffic as there were explosions and debris flying across the road.   It must have been 10-15 minutes before fire trucks arrived.

All passengers and their pet dog were out when we got to the scene.  They had even pulled out their luggage and lawn chairs.  

On Sunday it was mostly time at the pool and doing a bit of grocery shopping.   A couple who used to belong to the same Good Sam Club as us now have a seasonable site here at Chestnut Neck.  Billie and Joe stopped to say hello and we invited them to stay for dinner.

 On Monday it was the pool again and a visit to nearby Historic Smithville Village.  We apparently got there too early as most shops and attractions were not open.

We thought we found a way to keep them corralled.  But as there was only one of these, the other one still could run loose.  Will have to come up with a better plan.

Yesterday was a really long day.  It rained heavy all night and was still dreary in the AM.  So no pool time.   We instead went to Batsto Village.  We always enjoy our time there just walking along and looking at the old buildings.  The girls especially like the nature center.  Leonard showed them a site where their parents worked on an archaeological dig before the girls were born.

By this time it was stopping for lunch at one of our favorites places ....Peters Diner in Williamstown.  Then another hour and a half to where we met up with their father.  There were a few tears by Abby but we assured them they would be returning in a few weeks to spend more time camping with us.

We have a friend who lives only about 12 miles from where we were taking the girls.  I contacted Karol and asked if she would be home then we would stop by.  She had prepared chicken salad and grilled veggies for dinner.  After a delightful visit we set out for the over two hour drive back to the campground.   An exhausting day indeed!

Now later today we see our cardiologist.   Both of us feeling fit, just our annual checkups.

Until next time.....


  1. It certainly seems as if you are keeping busy! We'll get our youngest granddaughter July 30th, and will have her for a month...can't wait! We're going camping to a place called Virginia's Beach in Erie, PA from Aug 27 to Sept 4th. Really looking forward to it!

  2. So much going on and you do so many wonderful things with the girls.